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Membership in SEEMP is open to any institution or nonprofit organization maintaining a library and whose interests coincide with the project.

Member institutions are entitled to borrow all SEEMP-funded material in accordance with CRL’s lending policies. These materials are available through the Center for Research Libraries online catalog, and are in OCLC. Members also receive discounted prices on purchasing microform material filmed by the project and within copyright limitations. Members also participate in the programmatic direction and governance of the project by proposing and voting on materials to acquire or film under the project. Members may also request material to be acquired “on demand” at a cost of up to $600.

Membership is assessed on an annual basis. Full members are assessed an annual membership fee of $800. There are different categories for U.S. and overseas membership.

See SEEMP bylaws for more details.

To join SEEMP, please complete and return the Membership Request Form.

For more information about membership or to inquire about joining SEEMP, please contact jalspach [at] crl [dot] edu (Judy Alspach).

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