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 The SAMP Executive Committee consists of four elected members and three ex-officio members.

Elected Members

Bronwen Bledsoe, Chair, 2013-2015, Cornell University

David Faust, Librarian Representative, 2013-2015, University of Minnesota

Pushkar Sohoni, Librarian Representative, 2014-2016, University of Pennsylvania

Charles Hallisey, Faculty Representative, 2014-2016, Harvard Divinity School

Rebecca Manring, Faculty Representative, 2013-2015, Indiana University

Ex-officio Members

Edward Proctor, Duke Univeresity (CONSALD Chair)

Judy Alspach, Center for Research Libraries

Nuzhat Khatoon, Library of Congress


Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee are:

In addition, the immediate past Chair serves on the committee for one year after the expiration of his or her term.

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