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All of SAMP’s cataloged holdings are recorded in the OCLC database and in CRL’s online catalog.

Because the SAMP collection has more than 22,000 individually described items, issuing a print guide to the collection is no longer practical. This page features partial lists and descriptions of SAMP’s collections, such as serial holdings in microform from all regions of South Asia, that do not lend themselves to descriptions in Guides to Collections.

Newspapers held by SAMP

Updated in January 2012.  Link to list of SAMP Newspaper holdings.

Selected Serials held by SAMP

Updated in February 2012.  Link to list of SAMP Serials holdings.

Legislative Council Debates held by SAMP

Updated in February 2012.  Link to list of SAMP Holdings of Legislative Council Debates.

Recent Receipts and Cataloged Items

These lists of recently received and cataloged SAMP items are provided to members at the annual SAMP meeting.

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