CRL Records Added to Worldshare Collection Manager

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Amy Wood -

Records for digital resources from the Center for Research Libraries’ collection are now available in OCLC’s Worldshare Collection Manager. On-demand and strategically digitized resources available from CRL are separated into three categories in Collection manager:

  • Center for Research Libraries (CRL) eResources, Monographs
  • Center for Research Libraries (CRL) eResources, Newspapers
  • Center for Research Libraries (CRL) eResources, Serials

Worldshare Collection Manager enables institutions to download, manage, and update records for CRL's electronic resources for local discovery and access. CRL's digital records are currently available in the WorldCat knowledge base, the underlying database for Collection Manager. Records include bibliographic and holdings information, identifiers, and URLs to link patrons directly to CRL's online resources. Within Collection Manager, libraries may select CRL records, register their holdings in WorldCat, and download records in KBART format to use in local systems.  

CRL's eResources include over 25,000 titles to date. CRL adds an average of 20 titles and over 22,000 digital pages per week for a total of over a million pages per year. Records are updated daily as new resources are added to CRL’s DDS (digital delivery services) platform.

Member libraries may also want to load records from CRL partner institutions to facilitate discovery of those resources. LLMC Digital Collections (currently over 9,000 records with more added monthly) are accessible to all member institutions, and Newsbank’s World Newspaper Archive series--including over 400 titles across multiple collections--are available through discounted purchased for CRL libraries. 

Member institutions may also receive records directly from CRL for local loading. For questions about obtaining all or a portion of CRL records for loading into your local library catalog, contact Yoseline Pluviose-Louisma, in CRL's Technical Services Department.

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