CRL Hosts Member Conference Calls on Portico D-Collections

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Marie Waltz -

October’s announcement that the Portico digital preservation service will preserve EBSCO’s Digital Archives products, along with expanded database content for Adam Matthew Digital and Gale, was a major new development in Portico’s D-Collections program. To explore the implications of this development for libraries CRL hosted two conference calls for CRL members with Portico, on the 12th and 17th of November. The calls were a useful opportunity for Portico leadership to speak with representatives of more than 50 CRL libraries about the terms and conditions under which Portico preserves digital archive databases, the new funding model supporting the archiving, and about how terms of access differ from those for Portico’s e-journal and e-book content. CRL’s has updated the provider profile and review of Portico in eDesiderata with newly obtained  information. Note that CRL’s 2010 certification report on Portico applies to e-journal and e-book content only, rather than to the D-Collections.

The Impact of CRL

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