CRL To Acquire Ten New Collections

Mass Media in Russia, 1908-1918, The World of Penny (Kopeck) Magazines

Thursday, December 21, 2017
Mary Wilke -

Center for Research Libraries members voted to acquire ten new microform, reprint, and CD/DVD collections through the 2018 Purchase Proposal, with a list price value of $132,538 (depending on the exchange rate). Once acquired, these materials will be available on interlibrary loan through all CRL libraries.

Through the CRL Purchase Proposal Program, CRL member libraries nominate microform and hard copy collections too costly for individual institutions to acquire and not readily available for loan from other sources. Participation in this cooperative program is one of the many benefits of CRL membership.

CRL libraries nominated and voted for the following sets:

  • Cambridge Archives Editions – selections from the Near & Middle East collection (to be purchased over three years)

    • Year One

      • Records of the emirates 1820-1960

      • Land legislation in mandate Palestine

      • The GCC states: national development records: civil aviation, 1920-196

    • Year Two

      • Records of Jerusalem, 1917-1971

      • The expansion of Wahhabi power in Arabia, 1798-1932: British documentary records

      • Arabian boundaries: primary documents, 1853-1960

    • Year Three

      • Records of Oman, 1867-1960

      • The survey of Western Palestine, 1882-1888

  • Censorship in Tsarist Russia

  • Delineating British Burma

  • Mass Media in Russia, 1908-1918. Part 2, The World of Penny (Kopeck) Magazines

  • Methodist Missionary Society Archives. Biographical Section H-2723

  • Moses Maimonides, Unparalleled Editions

  • New Vision (newspaper, Kampala, Uganda) 1986-2000

  • Slavery tracts & pamphlets from the West India Committee collection now at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies

  • Tjahaja Sijang (The Light of Day), 1869-1925

  • Two Publications from the Middle East:

    • Al-Lataif al-Suryah. للطائف السورية (newspaper, Syria) 1923

    • Majallat Ala al-al-Din (popular magazine,1994- present)

For more information on these materials, please see the 2018 Purchases list. Nominations for FY19 are now open. Visit the Purchase Proposal Program page for more details and to submit your nomination.

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