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For each CRL voting member institution the authority for all communications relating to institutional membership and to CRL governance, policymaking, budget, and other high-level matters is entrusted to the library director. Therefore the library director has secure access to the institution’s profile information in CRL’s Contact Information System (CIS) database.

However, CRL library directors are encouraged to designate a CRL liaison who can serve as the main contact for routine matters relating to programs, services, and maintaining the CIS database. The designated liaison for each CRL library is identified on the CRL member list, below, to ensure ready access. Where no liaison has been specifically designated, the name of the library director is provided.

Adler University - Kerry Cochrane
University of Akron - Phyllis O'Connor
University of Alabama - Louis A. Pitschmann
University of Alberta - Gerald Beasley
Amherst College - Susan Sheridan
Arizona State University - James O'Donnell
University of Arizona - Karen Williams
University of Arkansas - Judy Ganson
Ashland University - Janice Marotta
Athabasca University - Elaine Fabbro
Bard College - Jeffrey Katz
Baruch College - CUNY - Arthur Downing
Baylor University - Jeff Steely
Benedictine University - Jack Fritts
Binghamton University - Susannah Gal
Boston College - Tom Wall
Brigham Young University - Robert Murdoch
Brock University - Barbara McDonald
University of Calgary - Tom Hickerson
University of California, Davis - Myra Appel, Amy Kautzman Kautzman
University of California, Riverside - Steve Mandeville-Gamble
University of California, San Diego - Brian Schottlaender
Canisius College - Kristine Kasbohm
Carleton College - Brad Schaffner
Carleton University - Wayne Jones
Carnegie-Mellon University - Gloriana St. Clair
Carroll College - Christian Frazza
Carthage College - Todd Kelley
Chicago Botanic Garden - Leora Siegel
Chicago State University - Richard Darga
University of Chicago - Brenda Johnson
University of Cincinnati - Xuemao Wang
The Claremont Colleges - Kevin Mulroy
Colby College - Clement Guthro
Colgate University - Mike Poulin
Colorado College - Ivan Gaetz
University of Colorado - James Williams, II
Columbia University - Damon Jaggars
University of Connecticut - Martha Bedard
Cornell University - Anne Kenney
Dartmouth College - Jeffrey Horrell
University of Dayton - Kathleen Webb
University of Delaware - Susan Brynteson
University of Denver - Nancy Allen
DePaul University - Scott Walter
Duke University - Deborah Jakubs
Emory University - Yolanda Cooper
Florida State University - Julia Zimmerman
University of Florida - Judith Russell
George Mason University - John Zenelis
Georgia Southern University - M. Bede Mitchell
Georgia State University - Tammy Sugarman
University of Georgia - Toby Graham
Graduate Center - CUNY - Polly Thistlethwaite
Grinnell College - Richard Fyffe
Hampshire College - Jennifer King
Harvard University - Sarah Thomas
High Point University - David Bryden
Hope College - Kelly Jacobsma
University of Houston - Dana Rooks
Illinois College of Optometry - Christine Weber
Indiana University - Carolyn Walters
Iowa State University - Joyce Garnett
University of Iowa - John Culshaw
Kansas State University - Lori Goetsch
University of Kansas - Kent Miller
Kent State University - James Bracken
University of Kentucky - Terry Birdwhistell
Kenyon College - Amy Badertscher
Knox College - Jeff Douglas
Lake Forest College - James Cubit
Lakehead University - Anne Deighton
Le Moyne College - Robert Johnston
University of Lethbridge - Doris Kostiuk
Liberty University - Marcy Pride
Luther College - John Goodin
University of Manitoba - Donna Breyfogle
Marquette University - Janice Welburn
University of Massachusetts-Boston - Daniel Ortiz-Zapata
McGill University - Colleen Cook
Miami University of Ohio - Jerome Conley
University of Miami - Charles Eckman
Michigan State University - Clifford Haka
University of Michigan - James Hilton
Middlebury College - Rebekah Irwin
Millikin University - Cindy Fuller
Mississippi State University - Frances Coleman
Monmouth College - J. Richard Sayre
Mount Holyoke College - Alex Wirth-Cauchon
National Agricultural Library - Melanie Gardner
National Humanities Center - Brooke Andrade
National University - Anne Marie Secord
University of New Mexico - Richard Clement
New York Public Library - Ann Thornton
New York University - Carol Mandel
The Newberry Library - Hjordis Halvorson
University of North Florida - Elizabeth Curry
Northeastern University - jamie dendy
Northern Illinois University - Patrick Dawson
Northwestern University - John Blosser
Norwich University - Greg Sauer
University of Notre Dame - Diane Walker
Oberlin College - Jessica Grim
Occidental College - Bob Kieft
Ohio State University - Carol Diedrichs
Ohio University - Scott Seaman
Oklahoma State University - Sheila Johnson
University of Oklahoma - Richard Luce
Oregon State University - Faye Chadwell
University of Oregon - Adriene Lim
University of Ottawa - Leslie Weir
Pennsylvania State University - Barbara I. Dewey
University of Pennsylvania - H. Carton Rogers
Presbyterian College - David Chatham
Princeton University - Karin Trainer
Purdue University - James Mullins
Queens University - Martha Whitehead
University of Rochester - Mary Ann Mavrinac
Rollins College - Jonathan Miller
Saint Lawrence University - Michael Alzo
Saint Olaf College - Roberta Lembke
University of San Diego - Theresa Byrd
University of San Francisco - Tyrone Cannon
University of Saskatchewan - Vicki Williamson
Skidmore College - Susan Zappen
Smith College - Christopher Loring
University of South Florida - William Garrison
University of the South - Vicki Sells
University of Southern California - Catherine Quinlan
Southern Methodist University - Gillian McCombs
Stanford University - Zachary Baker
Stony Brook University - Constantia Constantinou
Temple University - Joe Lucia
University of Tennessee - Steven Smith
Texas A & M University - David Carlson
Texas Tech University - Earnstein Dukes
University of Texas at Austin - Catherine Hamer
University of Toronto - Larry Alford
Trent University - Gord Ripley
Trinity University - Bea Caraway
Tulane University - Lance Query
Union College - Gail Golderman
Utah State University - Brad Cole
University of Utah - Alberta Comer
Valparaiso University - Bradford Eden
Vanderbilt University - Jody Combs
Vassar College - Rebecca Hernandez
University of Vermont - Mara Saule
University of Victoria - Jonathan Bengtson
Virginia Tech - Tyler Walters
University of Virginia - Martha Sites
Washington University - Jeffrey Trzeciak
University of Washington - Betsy Wilson
Wayne State University - Sandra Yee
Western University - Catherine Steeves
Westminster College - Diane Raines
Wilfrid Laurier University - Gohar Ashoughian
College of William and Mary - Carrie Cooper
Williams College - Susan Galli
University of Windsor - Gwendolyn Ebbett
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Edward Van Gemert
College of Wooster - Mark Christel
Yale University - Susan Gibbons
York University - Catherine Davidson

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