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    CRL's collection of German materials covers a broad spectrum of topics: documents on German foreign policy, colonial affairs, the Reich Chancellery, the military establishment, and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei (NSDAP) (Nazi Party), including propaganda operations, Jewish persecution, and personal documentation on Hitler and post-War Germany.

    Primary source materials include newspapers, press articles and clippings; government documents (ministerial acts and protocols; transcripts of parliamentary hearings); personal journals, diaries, and travel records; NSDAP-inspired laws and legal commentaries;military records including wartime maps, directives, intelligence, and reports on treason; war journals and activity reports and their appendices on operations and intelligence; and records of the interrogation of German officials of the Third Reich.

    Secondary source materials include books, periodicals, pamphlets, research materials and doctoral dissertations. Approximately 400,000 German doctoral dissertations were cataloged between 2001 and 2008. Many dissertations are now available in electronic form. This collection covers a variety of subjects including medicine, law, education, church history, social movements, and finance.

    The references below feature the strengths of CRL's holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in our catalog, and (where available) point to digital version of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    German Foreign Ministry Archives

    German Foreign Ministry Archives
    Germany. Auswärtiges Amt
    U.S. National Archives

    CRL has acquired in microfilm from the U.S. National Archives and other institutions most of the German Foreign Ministry records seized during World War II. The material the Center holds includes the main series (NARA T120) as well as the following filming series:

    • Records of the German Foreign Office received by the Department of State. NARA T120 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. A.H.A.I (American Historical Association. Committee for the Study of War Documents). NARA T290 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry archives. A.H.A.II. (American Historical Association. Committee for the Study of War Documents). NARA T291 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. American Historical Association. Committee for the Study of War Documents. NARA T149 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. Berkeley series. NARA T139 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. CNRS (France. Centre national de la recherche scientifique) Series. [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. Florida State University Series. [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. London School of Economics Series. [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. MAE (Ministere des Affaires Etrangere, France). Series. NARA T138 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. University of London Series. [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry Archives. University of Michigan Series. NARA T137 [Catalog Record]
    • German Foreign Ministry archives. War documents project. [Serials: 8311-8324; 8381-8383] [Catalog Record]
    • Records of the German Foreign Office received by the Department of State from St. Anthony's College. NARA T136 [Catalog Record]
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    German Records Seized After WWII

    German records seized during World War II.
    U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

    In addition to the Foreign Ministry Archives sets, CRL holds a variety of seized records (government, military, personal) filmed by the U.S. National Archives under "Record Group 242." In most cases the sets are incomplete [see individual records for details on holdings]. Each set includes an individual finding aid, often cataloged separately. CRL holdings include:

    Civil records

    • Records of the Reich ministry for public enlightenment and propaganda : Reichministerium für Volksaufklärung u. Propaganda, 1936-1944. NARA T70
    • Records of the Reich Ministry of Economics (Reichswirtschaftsministerium). NARA T71 [Catalog Record]
    • Records of the Reich Ministry for Armaments and War Production (Reichministerium für Rüstung und Kriegsproduktion). NARA T73 [Catalog Record
    • Records of the Reich Commissioner for the strengthening of Germandom. NARA T74
    • Records of the Todt Organization (Organisation Todt) 1941-1945. NARA T76 [Catalog Record]
    • Miscellaneous German records collection. NARA T84
    • Records of the Reich Air Ministry (Reichsluftfahrtministerium) 1918-1945. NARA T177 [Catalog Record]
    • Fragmentary records of miscellaneous Reich ministries and offices, 1919-1945. NARA T178 [Catalog Record
    • Records of former German and Japanese embassies and consulates, 1890-1945. NARA T179
    • Records of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories, 1941-1945. NARA T454
    • Records of the Reich Commissioner for the Baltic States, 1941-1945 : Reichskommissar für das Ostland. NARA T459

    Military records

    • Records of Headquarters, German Armed Forces High Command (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht/OKW). NARA T77
    • Records of Headquarters, German Army High Command (Oberkommando des Heeres--OKH). NARA T78
    • Records of German Army areas (Wehrkreise). NARA T79
    • Records of German field commands, army groups. NARA T311
    • Records of German field commands, armies. NARA T312 [Catalog Record]
    • Records of German field commands, Panzer armies. NARA T313
    • Records of German field commands. Corps. NARA T314 [Catalog Record]
    • Records of German field commands, divisions. NARA T315
    • Records of German field commands: rear areas, occupied territories, and others. NARA T501 [Catalog Record
    • German military field and technical manuals, 1910-1945. NARA T283
    • Records of Headquarters of the German Air Force High Command (Oberkommando der Luftwaffe--OKL). NARA T321
    • German Air Force records : Luftgaukommandos, Flak, Deutsche Luftwaffenmission in Rumänien. NARA T405 [Catalog Record]
    • The Von Rohden Collection of research materials on the role of the German Air Force in World War II, 1911-1947. NARA T971
    • Records of Headquarters, German Navy High Command (OKM). NARA T608

    Nazi Party and SS records

    • Records of the National Socialist German Labor Party (NSDAP). NARA T81
    • Records of Nazi cultural and research institutes. NARA T82 [Catalog Record]
    • Records of the Reich leader of the SS and chief of the German police NARA T175 [Catalog Record]
    • Miscellaneous SS records : the Einwandererzentralstelle, Waffen-SS, and SS Oberachschnitte. NARA T354

    Records of private individuals and enterprises

    • Records of private Austrian, Dutch, and German enterprises, 1917-1946. NARA T83
    • Records of private German individuals. NARA T253 [Catalog Record]

    Records received from the Berlin Documentation Center

    • Captured German records filmed at Berlin. [American Historical Association] NARA T580
    • Captured German documents filmed at Berlin. [University of Nebraska Microfilming Program] NARA T611
    • Documents concerning Jews in the Berlin Document Center. NARA T457
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    Government Publications - U.S.

    Confidential U.S. State Department central files. Germany, internal affairs, 1930-1941.
    United States. National Archives and Records Administration
    University Publications of America
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    Dispatches from United States consuls in Berlin, 1865-1906.
    United States. Consulate (Berlin, Germany)
    National Archives and Records Service
    Catalog Record
    Records of the Department of State Special Interrogation Mission to Germany.
    National Archives, National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration

    Contains records of interrogations of German officials of the Third Reich regarding German foreign relations, propaganda, the Nazi Party and other subjects for the period 1939-45.

    Catalog Record


    German Baroque literature
    Faber du Faur, Curt von, 1890-1966
    Research Publications, inc.

    This collection contains more than 6,000 German-language titles, primarily from the period after the Late Renaissance and before early classical writers emerged. The collection has material from many of the famous authors of the day, as well as important material from lesser-known writers.

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    German drama.
    Falls City Microform
    16th to early 20th centuries

    This continuing project includes plays published from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. Opera libretti and translations of plays written in languages other than German are also included. From 1961 through 1985, the set was produced in microcard format; from 1986 to date, it is in microfiche. CRL receives additional titles in this set periodically. At its completion, the set will include 12,000–15,000 titles.

    Catalog Record

    Nazi Party Archives

    Akten der Partei-Kanzlei der NSDAP
    Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Munich, Germany)
    K.G. Saur

    Reconstruction of the archives of the Central Office of the Nationalsozialitische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Contains correspondence, transcripts of meetings, etc from Chancellery of the National Socialist Party, its ministries, offices and departments, and its leaders Rudolf Hess and Martin Bormann. This archive of 300,000 pages was compiled from dozens of archives across German by the Institut für Zeitgeschichte.

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    NSDAP Hauptarchiv, 1919-1945
    Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Hauptarchiv
    Hoover Institution

    Selected items from documents assembled in 1946 at the Berlin Document Center. Reels 1-96, 1A-37A and reel B reproduce the Collection NSDAP Hauptarchiv, containing the most valuable documents on the background, history, and organization of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei; reels 97-99 and 38A reproduce a small selection of documents from the Julius Streicher and Heinrich Himmler collections, not originally part of the NSDAP Hauptarchiv, but supplemental to it.

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    Parliamentary proceedings

    Bestände des Bundesarchivs : Reichskanzlei, R43.
    Catalog Record
    Deutscher Bund. German Confederation, 1815-1866. Protokolle der deutschen Bundesversammlung
    Microcard Editions

    GUIDE: Reference Folder #66

    Germany. Zollverein. Zollparlament. Stenographische Berichte
    Norddeutscher Bund. Konstituierender Reichstag. Stenographische Berichte

    GUIDE: Reference Folder #66

    Norddeutscher Bund. Reichstag. Stenographische Berichte

    GUIDE: Reference Folder #66

    Verhandlungen des Reichstags.
    Germany. Reichstag
    Microcard Editions
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    West Germany. Bundesrat. BR-Drucks
    Germany (West). Bundesrat
    Catalog Record
    West Germany. Bundesrat. Drucksache
    Germany (West). Bundesrat
    Catalog Record
    West Germany. Bundestag. Verhandlungen des Deutschen Bundestages. Stenographische Berichte
    Germany (West). Bundestag
    Bonner Universitäts-Buchdruckerei Gebr. Scheur
    Catalog Record

    Prussian Military Leaders Papers

    Official and Personal Papers of Prussian Military Leaders (formerly in the Heeresarchiv)

    This subset of NARA's Captured German Records includes German military records antedating World War II. The collection is broken down by individual. CRL owns only a portion of this subset.

    Social and economic issues

    Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland nach Sveistrup
    Harald Fischer

    Collection of ca. 7,000 books and articles on the history and status of women, published in Germany from 1790-1930.  Based on the 1934 bibliography Die Frauenfrage in Deutschland, compiled by Hans Sveistrup and Agnes von Zahn-Harnack. The set includes a cumulative author-title index on CD-ROM. These items are fully cataloged in CRL's Catalog.

    Catalog Record
    German Nationalism, National Socialism and Postwar Reconstruction, 1918-1949
    University of California, Berkeley; Norman Ross Publishing

    Contains 1,428 titles published from 1918 to 1949 by various National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) organizations and their precursors, as well as by publishers sympathetic to the Nazi Party and regime. The materials depict the political and social crises that led to the rise of National Socialism in Germany as they were expressed in everyday contemporary society.

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