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    The references below feature many of the strengths of CRL’s holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in the CRL catalog, as well
    as digital versions of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm where available. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    Communist Party

    中共资料简集1950-1970 = Clipping files on Communist China
    You lian yan jiu suo (Kowloon, China)
    Xianggang : s.n.

    This 715-reel microfilm set contains files of clippings from newspapers covering 1950-1960. The clippings are classified by subject heading and cover issues concerning China and overseas Chinese. Guide in Chinese and English.

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    中国共产党党史文献及发表刊物 (Zhongguo gong chan dang dang shi wen xian ji fa biao kan wu)
    Union Research Institute

    This is a microfilmed set of 278 pamphlets and other political ephemera issued prior to the victory of the Communist Party of China. Guide in Chinese and English.

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    Foreign Relations

    British intelligence on China in Tibet, 1903-1950
    India Office Library and Records
    IDC (Brill)

    Collection of 303 intelligence files on China in Tibet, held at the India Office in London (1903-1950). Organized into six subject series (such as "Revolution in China" and "14th Dalai Lama, World War II and Communist China, 1933-1950") and arranged chronologically within each series.

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    Tong wen hui kao.
    Chong, Ch
    Gui ting chu ban she

    This is a reprint set containing documents on relations between China and Korea, and Korea and Japan, 1644-1787.

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    Government Publications - U.S.

    Complete records of the mission of General George C. Marshall to China, December 1945-January 1947.
    Marshall, George C. (George Catlett), 1880-1959, U.S. National Archives
    Scholarly Resources
    December 1945-January 1947

    "The minutes of Marshall's meetings and reports and memoranda prepared by U.S. advisers are all included. Information on the military front is provided by reports from U.S. observers in the field who investigated cease-fire violations." (description from Gale Primary Source Media catalog):  Complete description.

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    Records of the Office of Chinese Affairs, 1945-1955
    United States. Dept. of State. Office of Chinese Affairs
    Scholarly Resources
    Catalog Record · Guide
    Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to the internal affairs of China
    United States. National Archives and Records Service United States. Dept. of State
    Scholarly Resources

    This set (comprised of documents from Department of State Decimal 893) is issued in three parts: 1930-1939; 1940-1944; and 1945-1949.

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    Great Britain. Government Documents and Records

    Great Britain. Foreign Office. Consular records, Tientsin, 1860-1952
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    Covers FO 674. CRL has volumes 1-54.

    Great Britain. Foreign Office. General correspondence before 1906. China, 1815-1905
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    Covers FO 17. The Center has the complete set v.1-1768 (1815-1905).

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    Great Britain. Foreign Office. General correspondence, political. China, 1906-1922.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    Covers FO 371

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    Great Britain. Foreign Office. Qing dai Guangdong Sheng dang an
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    These are the documents of the Chinese administration in Guangdong captured by the British in the second Anglo-Chinese war (1857).

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    Irish University Press area studies series, British parliamentary papers : China
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
    Irish University Press

    This reprint set is a selection of 19th century papers and reports dealing with China. Included are committee reports and Command papers. Also included are House of Lords committee reports that were communicated to the House of Commons.

    - Steeds, David, and Ian Nish. China, Japan and 19th century Britain. Z2009.S813.
    - Catalogue of British parliamentary papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series and area studies series, 1801-1900. Z2019.I7

    Catalog Record
    Shanghai political & economic reports, 1842-1943
    Archive Editions

    This reprint set includes communications from the British consul in Shanghai to the British ambassador in the capital, featuring economic and political reports, intelligence summaries, wartime reports, various materials on public health concerns and crises, and matters related to the Shanghai French Concession.

    Catalog Record


    Ming wen hai.
    Gu, Sili, jin shi 1712 ???, jin shi 1712
    Kangxi 32

    This microfilm set includes manuscripts in the custody of the Hosokawa family of a historical biography compiled on the authority of inscriptions and epitaphs from the Ming Dynasty, Medieval China. It is also known as Komin bunkai or Huang ming wen hai.

    Catalog Record
    敦煌写经 (Dunhuang xie jing)
    中華人民共和國北京圖書館 (Zhong hua ren min gong he guo Beijing tu shu guan)

    This set reproduces 461 manuscripts, mostly from the period of the Tang dynasty, that were found in the Dunhuang grottoes. A contents list of the titles appears on two fiches.

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    Missionary Records and Works

    Methodist Missionary Society archives, 1791-1948.
    Bennett, Elizabeth
    IDC (Brill)

    This set includes minutes, reports and correspondence in manuscript and typescript of the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society which merged with the United Methodist Missionary Society in 1932, to form the Methodist Missionary Society. The Center or its respective Area Microform Projects hold the sections of archives relating to Africa, China, South Asia, and the West Indies.

    GUIDE: Bennett, Elizabeth. Methodist Missionary Society archives, London : guide. E-8417

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    Yenching University: its sources and its history
    United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
    United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia

    This set includes copies of Yenching University reports, minutes and other documents from 1890-1950, published by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia.

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    News and Press Summaries

    Chinese filmscript & advertisement collection
    Zhong yang xin wen ji lu dian ying zhi pian chang
    IDC (Brill)

    This collection contains transcripts from the Central Newsreel and the Documentary Film Studio of China, two of the major mass media and communication channels in China from 1950–1970. Created by government agents, the transcripts provide a glimpse into the Cultural Revolution (especially for the period 1966–1976), and cover all aspects of social activities, though the emphasis is on the development and achievement in the building of a socialist country.

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    Chinese Press Review
    United States. Consulate General
    U.S. Consulate (Hong Kong)
    Catalog Record
    Gong fei di fang guang bo xuan ji
    中共研究雜誌社 (Zhong gong yan jiu za zhi she)
    中共研究”雜誌社 (Zhong Gong yan jiu" za zhi she)

    This set contains summaries of the People's Republic of China local radio broadcasting from 1959-1981. Contents are based on daily radio broadcasting from 29 local radio stations and divided into three categories: politics, military affairs and economics. They are typed and filmed by date. (See also: Fei qu di fang guang bo xin wen, 1956-1958).

    Catalog Record
    Hsinhua news bulletin
    Xin hua tong xun she
    Hsinhua News Agency
    May 1949-1997

    CRL holds the series of publications issued by China's official news agency, Hsinhua.


    Catalog Record
    Matsumoto, Tadao, 1887- . Matsumoto bunko Chugoku kankei shimbun kirinuki tsuzuri.
    Matsumoto Bunko
    Yushodo Shoten

    This is a set of Chinese and Japanese press cuttings relating to the politics and economy of China, 1908-1923.

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    中國近代各地小報匯刊. 第壹輯 : Zhongguo jin dai ge di xiao bao hui kan. Di yi ji
    Xue yuan chu ban she

    Translation: Compilation of tabloids in Modern China: First Series.

    Reprint set (97 v.) of tabloids published in China reflecting all aspects of social life and other subjects.

    CRL Has:

    • v.1-45. Qun qiang bao -- 群強報
    • v.46-72. Ai guo bai hua bao -- 愛國白話報
    • v.73-97. Xin shi jie  -- 新世界
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    紅衛兵資料 (Hong wei bing zi liao)
    Center for Chinese Research Materials, Association of Research Libraries

    Twenty volumes containing reprints from newspapers, documents and other materials.

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    複印報刊資料 (Fu yin bao kan zi liao)

    This is a series of periodical titles, each covering a different subject and consisting of articles reprinted from current newspapers and journals published in the People's Republic of China. The Center holds most of the titles in the series from 1980 to 1985.  Titles cataloged separately.

    Catalog Record

    Rare Books and Literature

    Hunter Collection
    Hunter, Edward (collector)

    The Hunter Collection consists of mass education material, directories and guidebooks published in Hong Kong and in Mainland China, particularly Shanghai, in the years 1947-1954 and collected by Edward Hunter. 

    The mass education material includes several hundred cartoon books, pamphlets, postcards, and magazines, heavily pictorial in content, on such topics as foreign threats to Chinese security, Chinese relations with the Soviet Union, industrial and agricultural production, and marriage reform. The items were produced by both Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist) and Communist regimes, and appear to be directed at the general youth and adult populations of China.

    These items can be viewed in CRL's digital collection, Chinese pamphlets: Political communication and mass education in the early period of the People's Republic of China.

    Catalog Record · Electronic Version
    Van Gulik collection Part 1: Folk Novels
    Gulik, Robert Hans van, 1910-1967 Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden. Sinologisch instituut
    IDC (Brill)

    GUIDE: Van Gulik collection : rare Chinese books on microfiche : catalogue. E-7515

    The Center acquired only part 1 of this set. Part 1 includes 117 titles, including almost all the rare folk novels. Individual titles are also cataloged separately.

    Catalog Record
    中央研究院历史语言研究所所藏俗曲 (Zhong yang yan jiu yuan. Li shi yu yan yan jiu suo )
    Zhong yang yan jiu yuan. Li shi yu yan yan jiu suo
    Zhong yang yan jiu yuan li shi yu yan yan jiu suo

    This microfilm set contains copies of Chinese folk literature which apparently are otherwise unpublished. The reel numbering is not consecutive. An index to the set appears on reel 614.

    Catalog Record


    Taiwan Kyokai Kaiho.
    Kaminuma, Hachiro, 1927- Ino, Kanori, 1867-1925. Ryotai junenshi Taiwan Kyokai
    Yumani Shobo, Showa 62-63

    This is the Bulletin of the Taiwan Association for 1898-1907.

    Catalog Record
    台湾土地及农业问题资料 (Taiwan tu di ji nong ye wen ti zi liao)
    Xiao, Zheng, 1905- ??, 1905-
    Cheng wen chu ban she you xian gong si, Minguo 70

    This is a reprint set, including materials on land and agricultural problems in Taiwan, 1850-1980.

    Catalog Record

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