2009 Annual Meeting

CRL Annual Meeting 2009

The 2009 business meeting was conducted via web conference on Friday, April 24, 2009.



Call to Order – Alice Prochaska, Chair, Board of Directors

Chair’s Report – Alice Prochaska

Secretary’s Report – Brian Schottlaender 

  • Approval of Minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting                
  • Membership Status Report 

Treasurer’s Report – Rick Schwieterman

  • FY 2008 Annual Financial Report and Financial Statements 
  • Approval of the FY 2010 Budget and Fee Basis

Old Business

New Business

  • Nominating Committee’s Report and Election of New Directors - Alice Prochaska 
  • Candidate List

President’s Report – Bernard F. Reilly              

Call for Motion to Adjourn – Alice Prochaska