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Fees for Non-Members using the CRL Reading Room

  • Independent researchers and not-for-profit agencies: $25 per request per day
  • Commercial users: $75 per request per day
  • Undergraduates/Graduate Students: $50 per request per day
  • Faculty: $50 per request per day or $175 per request per week

A “request” is defined as a per-title maximum of:

  • 12 reels of microfilm
  • 24 sheets of microfiche
  • 4 physical volumes

Additional Guidelines

  • If the nonmembers require more than one visit to use the requested material, they will be charged as if another request had been made.
  • Nonmembers will be expected to pay for their Reading Room requests at the time of their visit to use the material. Payment can be made by credit card, check, or cash.
  • Nonmembers who frequently use the Reading Room may wish to establish deposit accounts with CRL in order to eliminate paying separately for each request. CRL Reading Room staff will keep track of the number of uses and the amount in the deposit account.
  • There will be no limit on the number of requests for Reading Room materials by nonmembers.
  • Individuals from member libraries who use the Reading Room will be expected to show an institutional ID or pass prior to using material.

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