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CRL negotiates favorable terms for purchase of (or subscription to) major electronic resources by member libraries. This activity is an extension of CRL's cooperative collection development efforts in area studies and other primary source documentation. It is also one facet of CRL's effort to expand online access to primary source content for researchers at member libraries. In further support of this effort CRL has partnered with various institutions to digitize significant in-house collections (World Newspaper ArchiveAmerican Periodicals from CRL, Law Library Microform Consortium).


Mirroring longstanding collecting strengths, CRL’s licensing activities focus on digitized content in the following areas: newspapers and electronic news; historical archives; economic, demographic, and public opinion data; government and NGO-produced information; and other international content not readily available through mainstream channels. CRL endeavors to avoid resources commonly offered by other major U.S. and Canadian consortia.   

CRL also pursues other types of materials and topics identified as priorities by the CRL community.

CRL Licensing Process


Assessing and negotiating

  • Initial terms are explored by CRL; teleconferences are held to consider terms for some items.
  • Reviews are posted in eDesiderata, evaluating the scope and nature of the database content, interface functions, and licensing terms.
  • Comments are solicited from specialists at CRL libraries, and posted with reviews.


  • Offers provided at intervals throughout the year are accessible through member login to eDesiderata.
  • CRL posts information about offer status and take-up.

For more information on the licensing process, contact mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu (Mary Wilke,) CRL Member Liaison & Outreach Services Director.

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