Conference Logistics

Van Pickup at Hartsfield airport :

As you walk out of the Main Terminal at Hartsfield, there is a loading area for hotel courtesy vans in the second aisle straight ahead out the door. AW pickups are scheduled to coordinate with attendee arrivals - that is why they ask for your flight information on the reservation form. Courtesy phones are located at the Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation areas, in case there are any problems. The AW van is a green and silver color and is fairly easy to spot. Once they arrive at the location, they generally wait about ten or fifteen minutes before departing so that the next van is usually arrives within about fifteen minutes. If you are waiting more than thirty minutes, use the courtesy phones to make sure that your arrival will be met. The ride to AWCC is about 25 minutes, although Friday afternoon rush hour may prolong the trip. If you have not given Aberdeen Woods your flight arrival information, please do so as soon as possible.

Check-in at AWCC:

The airport van will drop you directly at the check-in area at Residential Lodge /West where room check-in will be carried out. If you use a credit card at check-in, you can utilize express checkout on Sunday morning, without going back to the desk. (A copy of your bill will be placed under your door early Sunday morning.) This option will reduce the chances of any bottlenecks here on Sunday and help us get the program off to an early start. However, if you have any questions about your bill, you should contact the desk before you leave.

The desk (or your van driver on Friday) will also inquire about your departure plans, in order to make sure that Sunday’s departures proceed without any problems.

A Conference check-in desk will be set up where you can receive the written materials and name badge. This will be in the reception lobby from 2:00 to 5:30 PM on Friday and outside the Auditorium from 6:30 to 8:00 PM Friday night and from 7:30 until 10:30 AM on Saturday morning. If this process needs to be changed, the alternate location for Conference check-in will be posted in the lobby.

Meeting Locations:

All major meetings will be held in the Aberdeen Auditorium in the Conference Building. Additional rooms will be provided for the two "breakout" sessions on Saturday. Individuals will be randomly assigned to discussion groups for these two sessions. Group assignments and their meeting locations will be included in the information packet distributed on check-in. Included in the form will be the listing of the small discussion groups for the two Saturday breakout sessions, along with their room assignments and facilitators. These groups will be determined at random to insure a range of backgrounds and experience within each group. Please stay with your appointed group for these two sessions to avoid any dislocations.

What to Wear:

The dress code for the Conference Center is casual but neat.

What to Eat:

All regular meals are served in the Lakeside Dining Building, and are buffet-style with special entrees. There is also a lounge in the Dining Building for those who wish to carry on the discussions of the day in a more relaxed atmosphere.

There will be extensive snacks, both healthy and non-healthy, available without additional charge outside the Auditorium at all times. Please feel free to avail yourselves to surfeit. Coffee and snacks may be brought into the Auditorium for those who decide to forego the breakfast buffet for a lighter alternative.

What to Do:

Learn. Share. Relax. Enjoy.