The textbook collection includes U.S. imprints of primary and secondary schoolbooks, textbooks for post-high school non-degree schools such as business and trade schools, and foreign language grammars and readers through college level. The publication dates range from the 18th century, although most holdings were published in the 20th century. This collection was formed by deposits from member libraries and is maintained through retrospective deposits. There are 70,000 volumes in the collection occupying 8,000 linear feet of shelf space.

All subjects commonly taught in U.S. primary and secondary schools are represented. The most extensive holdings are in English studies and mathematics; there are substantial holdings in the social sciences, health, science, and foreign languages. Individual titles are not cataloged, but are arranged on the shelf by subject. Within each subject category, the textbooks are shelved alphabetically by author, series title, or publisher, depending on the work. The Center retains all editions, teacher's manuals, tests, workbooks, and laboratory manuals.