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A Standard for Trusted Digital Repositories 

CRL participated in the MOIMS (Mission Operations Information Management Services) Repository Audit and Certification Working Group and other related work that developed auditing standards for digital repositories and auditors. For further information on the moims working group, please visit the moims-rac Wiki.

The ISO/DIS 16363 (CCSDS 652-R-1) standard is based upon the Trusted Digital Repositories and Audit Checklist (TRAC) standard. A revised version of the TRAC standard is entitled the Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) Checklist and was published September 2011. In addition to ISO 16363 the working group wrote and submitted ISO 16919, entitled, Requirements for Bodies providing Audit and Certification This document is intended to guide the creation of organizations to govern the process, audit repositories and educate auditors. This document has not yet been approved by ISO.

Related Work

APARSEN Project - Building on the Alliance for Permanent Access (APA) APARSEN is a membership organization of major European stakeholders in digital data and digital preservation. This project is funded by the European Union. It combines and integrates European Digital preservation efforts into a shared enterprise. The goal is to create a virtual research center in digital preservation for Europe. The Joint Program of Activity will lead to the integration digital preservation research activities into one common vision with common agreement on : terminology, evidence standards, services needed for preservation, access and re-use of data holdings over the whole life-cycle. Other consideration will be legal and economic issues, including costs, governance issues and digital rights in digital preservation.

PTAB Working Group - The PTAB working group was an informal group of individuals and institutions who participated in developing the TDR Checklist and the Requirements for Bodies providing Audit and Certification documents. See an announcement of a meeting held by some of those participating in the U.S. PTAB group. Some members of the PTAB working group have moved on to the training of auditors and repository managers.

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