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Distribution of Preserved Titles Registered in PAPR — By Beginning Date of Publication

Less than 10% of all known serials are registered in PAPR. View Title Data

*Number of titles registered in PAPR compared to estimated total of journals published (based on data from Ulrich’s, Portico/CLOCKSS, and serial titles reported by selected CRL libraries).

Distribution of Preserved Titles Registered in PAPR — By Copy Redundancy and Subject

Copy Redundancy

A majority of PAPR titles are not archived redundantly.
View Copy Data

Subject Distribution

Uneven distribution of preservation across disciplines.
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Distribution of PAPR Archiving Facilities and Disaster Risk

Archiving facilities are largely concentrated in areas with elevated natural disaster risks. View Facilities Data

Disaster risk estimated from historic state/province incident data since 1953 provided by FEMA and the The Canadian Disaster Database. Incidents aggregated include those that could impact archiving facilities (earthquake, wildfire, flood, hurricane, storm surge, landslide, severe storms, tornados, tsunami and volcanic activity).