Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Title Contact Email Department Extension
Marie Waltz Special Projects Manager Technical Services, Certification of Digital Repositories 267
Madison Borth Acquisitions Financial Assistant Technical Services 332
Andrew Elliott Functional Specialist Technical Services 311
Stephen Early Cataloger Technical Services 326
Amy Wood Head of Technical Services Technical Services 327
Constance Jurczyk Metadata QA Specialist Technical Services
Nathaniel Florin Library Specialist Technical Services 311
Yoseline Pluviose-Louisma Special Projects /Program Manager Technical Services 340
Nick Casas CRRA Program Coordinator Technical Services 376
Maritza Kellum Unit Supervisor Technical Services 361
Bing Hui Network & Systems Administrator Systems 346
Jing Zhang Web Developer Systems 331
Patricia Xia Director of Information Systems Systems 341
Moises Gamez Junior Systems Administrator and Support Systems 349
Ryan Jacobs Systems Development Manager Systems 335
Marlies Bauhofer Project Assistant – Physical Processing Stacks Management
Sam Kepp Library Technician Stacks Management
Bethany Bates Head, Stacks Management Stacks Management 339
Aileen Mulchrone Unit Supervisor Stacks Management 329
Christine Stamison NERL Program Director NERL 333
Vida Bjelopetrovich NERL Program Assistant NERL 266
Darmon Lewis Project Assistant - User Data Support Member Services 347
Paris Thompson Library Tech – Acquisitions Orders Member Services 330
Mary Wilke Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director Member Services 351
Francis Alba Project Assistant, Licensing Member Services 318
Neel Agrawal South Asia Digital Librarian International Resources 362
Margaret Stigler Data Analytics Specialist International Resources 376
Maria Smith Digital Repository Analyst International Resources 322
Judith Alspach Area Studies Program Manager International Resources 323
Lorraine M. Henderson Newspaper and Sales Assistant International Resources 300
Yvonne Jefferson Administrative Services Specialist H.R. & Admin. Services 342
Toni Kibort Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services H.R. & Admin. Services 348
Teletha Brown Human Resource Specialist H.R. & Admin. Services
William Drzewiecki Building Engineer Facilities 425
Patrick Lummen Head Facilities and Collections Environment Facilities 317
Sharron President Library Technician Digital Production 287
Gloria Johnson Communications Coordinator Communications 289
Virginia Kerr Head, Communications and Membership Development Administration 265
Bernard Reilly President Administration 334
James Simon Vice President, Collections and Services Administration 324
Ryan Roberts Accounting Assistant Accounting /NERL 319
Lakesha Threatt Accounting Specialist Accounting 344
Julio Zavala Accounting Specialist Accounting 345
Raymond Sallay Controller Accounting 350
Maurice Bell Library Technician Access Services 287
Alan Diep Library Specialist - Digital Access Services 287
Vanessa Weatherspoon Check-In Clerk Access Services 325
Kevin Wilks Head, Access Services Access Services 314
Teeaye Nettles Project Services – Access Services Access Services 321
McKinley Hudson Library Technician Access Services 260
Michelle Carver Unit Supervisor Access Services 321