Video: Text Mining Opportunities and Challenges

Download the full resolution video (104MB) for the CRL Text Mining Opportunities and Challenges webinar.

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The video linked above was recorded on November 13, 2012.

Video Time Markers:

  • Introduction–Bernie Reilly, President, CRL: 0:00–0:10
  • Recent Trends in Text Mining and Library Services: Research Library Perspective–David Magier, Princeton University: 0:11–0:26
  • Elsevier Perspective on Mining the Scientific Literature–Judson Dunham, Senior Product Manager, Elsevier: 0:27–0:42
  • Questions & Answers I: 0:42–0:52
  • Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives: Cengage Learning–Ray Abruzzi, Gale Cengage: 0:53–1:08
  • Questions & Answers II: 1:08–1:16
  • Summary: Text Mining in the Cloud–Ann Okerson, CRL: 1:16–1:27


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