Updates from the February 2018 PAN Forum.

Monday, February 26, 2018
Marie Waltz - mwaltz@crl.edu

The February 2018 Print Archive Network (PAN) Forum brought together leading practitioners of shared print initiatives to exchange information, expertise, and best practices on the strategic management of print holdings. The theme of the PAN ALA Midwinter 2018 meeting was "Access for Shared Print."

The Forum began with a regional update from Arizona State University (ASU) Senior Collections Officer Jeanne Richardson, who spoke about ASU’s experience as a WEST archive holder and node. Other presentations came from shared print programs describing recent activities. Rosemont reported progress on a nationwide effort. HathiTrust Shared Program Officer Lizanne Payne discussed the second phase of HathiTrust’s monograph program. WEST discussed their latest developments, including phase three of AGUA, and OCLC discussed the latest from GreenGlass.

Pursuing the theme of "Access," representatives from Scholars Trust, EAST, and ReCAP reviewed their Access models. The Scholars Trust  presentation  shared a reciprocol borrower's agreement written in January 2013 and revised in 2016. EAST explained aspects of their program's MOU that address access. ReCAP discussed their program's access policy and discovery system. 

The meeting concluded with two short presentations: OCLC’s Dennis Massie presented on the OCLC ILL Cost Calculator and invited ideas on applicability to Shared Print access models. Jeff Kosokoff of Duke University ended the program with a discussion of a data analysis project, which reviewed holdings from several programs. Kosokoff found that low demand titles are "over-retained" in the programs he compared; he recommends decision making about content retained in print archive programs. 

Presentation slides are available on the Denver meeting PAN event page and the PAN Archive.

Some additional highlights from program updates include:


ALI-PALNI's access to GreenGlass for Groups will expire for all but Ball State in March 2018. They are discussing their next project phase. In January 2018 ALI-PALNI held a state-wide meeting of collection managers and senior leadership of member libraries. Based on this meeting they are drafting an Indiana Last Copy Policy and will bring it back to the group for approval...read more


ASERL's Collaborative Federal Depository Library Program reports there are 41 libraries participating in their program. The newest Center of Excellence (COE) is Old Dominion University. Since 2012 COE's have marked more than 67,890 documents for disposal. The ASERL Disposition Database now exports needs' and expired offers' lists to the GPO’s FDLP eXchange. FDLP eXchange is a national Needs/Offers database for government documents... read more


The Big Ten Academic Alliance Shared Print Repository (BTAA) continues to grow its collection. They have ingested 254,300 volumes, with approximately 95% at the Indiana repository and 5% at the new Illinois repository. Over the next four years more than 146,000 candidate volumes will be ingested into the Illinois repository. A BTAA working group was formed to explore shared retention of microform publications...read more


CAVAL, a not-for-profit Australian consortium of nine university libraries in Victoria and New South Wales, submitted a PAN update for the first time, providing useful additional perspective on print archiving. CAVAL has two print repository facilities. The older facility houses a shared collection, while the newer houses individual university holdings. In the shared facility each library leases some of the available shelving for its own use...read more


COPPUL SPAN updated their holdings in the CRL PAPR Database in late December. COPPUL Span will complete phases 4A and 4B of their StatsCan title lists in spring 2018. They are drafting an MOU for their monographs project. The Rare Canadian Serials Project will begin in March 2018. A timeline for this project is published in their Update...read more


CRL's PAPR Database continues to grow, receiving updated records from six shared print programs, as well as CLOCKSS and Portico, In the second half of 2018. As of February 5, 2018, PAPR held 129,289 distinct titles from 135 archiving institutions. In June 2017 CRL held a Forum "Expanding the Shared Collections Network" at the ALA Annual in Chicago. In December 2017 CRL received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a one-year planning effort to assess the quality and usability of data on reformatted serials for use in long-term preservation decision making...read more


The EAST Member Meeting was held in October 2017. The second cohort finalized a retention model which was approved by the Executive Committee. EAST is organizing a summit  on monograph shared print initiatives in North America. It will be held in April 5-6, 2018, in Boston. One of the EAST member libraries served as a pilot library for the OCLC Shared Print Registration Service... read more


The FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) has 1,392 million items available for lending. Sixty-two percent of the Center of Excellence (CEO) for Hearings' documents have been completed...read more


OhioLINK and Ohio University have been awarded a LSTA grant to identify unique monographs and serials in the Southeast Depository (one of the five OhioLINK facilities). The project has two goals to identify and relocate unique material to a new location and, secondly, to withdraw duplicate content. Once the facility is emptied the depository will be reused for other purposes. Ohio University has transferred 66,000 unique monographs and serials to an Assure Vault facility...read more


In the past six months the Rosemont Operations Committee has reviewed members' Last Copy and Access policies. The Operations and Executive Committees assessed multi-institutional journals analysis tools. In January the Eastern Academic Storage Trust (EAST) formally approved joining Rosemont. ... read more

UC Shared Print

The UC Libraries are completing their work on the third annual journal archiving campaign (JACS3). The UC Libraries are planning for the fourth (JACS4) which begins in summer 2018. The AGUA decision support tool has launched. It will facilitate collections' analysis and journal review for the UC Libraries. The UC Libraries have identified 1.7 M monographs for retention in the HathiTrust program...read more