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For a second year, the GNARP Scholarship will assist librarians participating in professional exchanges between North America and German-speaking areas in Europe. The amount of the stipend is $1,200.
The CRL community has reached a historic high of 264 institutions, with the recent addition of three new members.
The Center for Research Libraries will purchase several new items for this year’s Purchase Proposal Program, with a total list price value of $339,469.
CRL is now accepting online nominations for the 2012 Primary Source Awards, an annual competition designed to recognize and publicize librarians, teachers, and researchers who use or promote use of primary source materials. The nomination deadline is January 31.
The October 2011 issue (V13N2) of The Charleston Advisor (TCA) features a comparison review of IBISWorld Global Industry Reports, Euromonitor Market Research Monitor, and Mintel Global Market Navigator, as well as reviews of Classiques Garnier Numérique, Bibliography of Linguistic Literature Database, and more.
The deadline for voting in the CRL FY2012 Purchase Proposal program is November 22. Through this program, CRL libraries prioritize microform and reprint collections for CRL to acquire.
CRL has engaged Ann Okerson as Senior Advisor on Electronic Strategies, to help ensure persistent and affordable access for CRL libraries to electronic resources in the humanities and social science.
The Center for Research Libraries has forged a close partnership with Borrow Direct, a patron-initiated, rapid book request and delivery system. The partnership will allow researchers at CRL member institutions in Borrow Direct to have direct access to discover and request material from CRL’s extensive collections.
The July 2011 issue (V13N1) of The Charleston Advisor (TCA)  features reviews of several foreign-language databases, an article on the recent CRL-NDIIPP preservation analysis of electronic news, Mapping the Newspaper Industry in Transition, and much more.
CRL is undergoing major upgrades of its collections facility, to enhance the efficiency of the climate-control system and to improve the integrity of the facility’s exterior “envelope” with a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly system.
LAMP is funding the digitization of Puerto Rican court documents at the University of Connecticut.
CRL invites nominations for cooperative purchases in the FY 2012 Purchase Proposal Program until September 30.
Thirty-two Bibliothèque Bleue texts from the University of California at Berkeley’s Bancroft Library were recently added to CIFNAL’s Bibliothèque Bleue project, hosted by ARTFL.
CRL’s digital production program has now digitized over three million pages for scholars at CRL libraries, representing the digital conversion of approximately 16,000 items to date.
As of July 1, the CRL community will include 260 institutions, with 14 libraries joining since the beginning of 2011.
CRL staff members will attend this year’s ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 23–26, on a limited basis to report on, and gather input for, CRL programs. Schedule a time to meet with one of our team, or plan to attend a Global Resources Network meeting.
Records of Brazil’s Supreme Military Tribunal, protected by LAMP for 25 years, will be digitized in Brazil.
CRL is working with the California Digital Library to develop a Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR). This registry will support research library and consortium efforts to archive and manage critical print serial collections in an informed and cost-effective manner.
CRL announces the election of two new board members and additions to the Collections and Services Policy Committee.
SAMP has acquired 84 microfilm reels containing issues of Ceylon Times from 1924 to 1930.