SAMP Digitizes Svadeśa Newspaper

Svadesa issue from April 15, 1928

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Judy Alspach -

SAMP has digitized rare holdings of the weekly newspaper Svadeśa for the years 1919-1929. This newspaper was published in Hindi in the city of Gorkhpur, India.

Svadeśa was an important political and literary paper that illuminates the role of Hindi elites in articulating Gandhian nationalism. In addition to short stories, its propagandist essays and reporting have been credited with providing “essential insights into the underbelly of mass nationalism, the social imaginary of a service and literate class, the making of a 'vernacular' modern print culture, and the thresholds of reforms of the family and women.”

This digitization project was proposed and led to fruition by James Nye, Bibliographer for Southern Asia at the University of Chicago.

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