Policy Commons offer now available to CRL and NERL members

Monday, November 1, 2021

Source: "Intro to Policy Commons," via Policy Common's YouTube channel.

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) has signed a licensing agreement with Policy Commons to provide member institutions with unlimited access to the platform's premium content. 

Launched in 2020, Policy Commons provides access to reports and documents from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), think tanks, government agencies, and educational institutions. Some 20 million pages of this content is available at no cost to users through the platform's “freemium” model. According to developer Coherent Digital, more than 95% of Policy Commons's content is available via open access, aligning with CRL's commitment to a more equitable, accessible knowledge ecosystem.

CRL's opt-in agreement provides interested members with discounted access to Policy Commons's entire collection, including its policy organization directory, updated daily with more than 21,000 organizations so far; 500,000 pages of premium licensed material with MARC records, including titles from African Books Collective, the Environmental Law Institute, the Council of Europe, and the Canadian Public Policy Collection; and 500,000 pages of rescued material from inactive organizations.

CRL and NorthEast Research Libraries (NERL) members can view the offer, read an overview of Policy Commons's holdings and functionality, and more on eDesiderata.

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