Liberal Arts Colleges Join CRL

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Don Dyer -

On July 1, 2013, CRL’s membership total reached 270. This total includes several liberal arts colleges new to the consortium:

The addition of these new members reflects the growing interest among faculty and students at liberal arts colleges in the use of original sources and the kinds of collection materials for which CRL is known. 

Other new members include:

CRL welcomes these institutions to its community of college, university, and independent research libraries, the world’s largest and most enduring collection development community. CRL libraries value primary source materials and work together to identify, acquire, and preserve critical evidence and documentation for advanced research and teaching. Their researchers in turn benefit from a wealth of collections and services.

This new growth in its membership suggests that libraries of all sizes view participation in CRL as a vital investment at a time when resources for local collection development are scarce. For more information about membership in CRL, visit our webpage on Becoming a Member.