Kazakh and Uzbek Newspapers Microfilmed by SEEMP

Ma'rifat issue from January 1, 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Judy Alspach - jalspach@crl.edu

The Slavic and East European Materials Project (SEEMP) recently microfilmed twelve newspaper and newsletter titles from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, spanning 1988-2010.

The materials were collected by Dr. William Fierman, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University. Microfilming of this set was funded by the first of three allocations planned by SEEMP to preserve the collection amassed by Dr. Fierman.  Additional sets of the Fierman newspapers will be microfilmed in the next two years.

Akram Khabibullaev, Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University, and Wook-Jin Cheun, Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies at Indiana University, assisted in getting these materials to SEEMP for preservation.

Titles in this first set of Central Asian newspapers include:


Aq bosagha  1993-1997 
Monthly newspaper from the League of Muslim Women

Industrial’naia Karaganda  1997-1998 
Newspaper of the Karaganda Oblast in central Kazakhstan

Nauka Kazakhstana  1994-2000
Biweekly publication of the Ministry of Science – Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ortalyq Qazaqstan  1997-1998 
Newspaper from central Kazakhstan, published three times a week

Qazaq eli   1995-2010
Weekly newspaper produced by the government

Qazaqstan mughalimi  1988-2010 
Published by the Ministry of Education

Qazaqstan sarbazy  1994-2007 
Issued by the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan

Uchitel’Kazakhstana  1993-2007 
Published by the Ministry of Science and Education


Golos Uzbekistana  1995-1996 
Russian-language weekly issued by the People’s Democratic Party

Ma’rifat  2000-2009 
A principal newspaper of Tashkent, issued twice a week.

Oila va zhamiiat  1992-2009
Newspaper of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan; focuses on social and women’s issues

Turkiston   1992-2009 
Formerly Esh Leninchi, renamed in 1992.  Organ of the Kamolot Association of Young People of Uzbekistan