CRL Welcomes Nine New Members for FY 2019

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Virginia Kerr -

Since the beginning of the fiscal year, CRL has added nine new voting members. In addition to five institutions joining on July 1, 2018, the following are now CRL voting members:

Fall 2018: Kalamazoo College; spring 2019: The University of Texas at Dallas, Lehigh University, and Butler University. As of April 1, 2019, total membership is at 215, including 209 voting members, 4 global affiliates, and 2 affiliates.

CRL is the world’s largest and most enduring cooperative collection development community. Member libraries pool resources and expertise to identify, preserve, acquire, and share critical evidence and documentation for original research and evidence-based teaching. The recent additions to CRL membership reflect the importance of primary source materials at academic institutions where expectations for faculty and honors-level student research are high.

Institutions can apply to join any time during our fiscal year. For more information, visit Becoming a Member.

The Impact of CRL

Stories illustrating CRL’s impact on research, teaching, collection building and preservation.

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Students of Professor Davis Houck at Florida State University consulted CRL resources to examine media bias covering the death of civil-rights icon Emmett Till.

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