CRL Upgrades Collections Facility

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Don Dyer -

CRL will carry out major upgrades of its collections facility this summer and fall, to enhance the efficiency of the climate-control system and to improve the integrity of the facility’s exterior “envelope” with a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly system.

A roof revamp project scheduled for mid-August will add an additional rooftop weather-proofing barrier and replace all worn components of the existing roof. This will greatly improve the integrity of the exterior “envelope” and drain system and extend the roof's useful life. These improvements also will reduce the burden on CRL’s HVAC systems, which are programmed to maintain the collection storage areas at 60 degrees (F) and 40% relative humidity.

A second project, scheduled for October, will upgrade CRL’s older rooftop HVAC units and install smart technology sensors in the air-handling system. The new chillers will provide greater energy efficiency and stability in the climate-control system. The smart sensors will better control the amount of outside air the system is required to cool and dehumidify in the summer and heat in the winter, based on human activity in the building. This will result in significant energy savings on the weekends and at night when no staff are present.