CRL to Purchase Ten New Collections

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Mary Wilke -

The Center for Research Libraries will purchase ten valuable microform and reprint collections through this year’s Purchase Proposal Program, with a list price value of $339,469. These sets will soon be available through interlibrary loan from CRL.

Many major microform and reprint sets and collections can be too costly for individual institutions, and are not readily available through interlibrary loan. Through the CRL Purchase Proposal Program, libraries nominate microform and hard copy collections for CRL purchase. Participation in this cooperative purchase program is one of the benefits of a CRL membership.

CRL members nominated and voted for the following sets in the 2012 program (a pdf version of this list is also available):

Central American Archives

  • 3,923 reels; $180,000 spread over three years. This means $60,000 USD this year and for the next two years as well. In the first year, CRL is purchasing everything but the reels for Guatemala.
  • This microform reproduces the Archivo General de Centroamérica (Central American Archives) 1544–1821, the most comprehensive exisiting collection of historical records spanning the period of Spanish rule in the Americas. The major units of the microfilm are Chiapas, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Yucatan (Belize).

The Cheese Reporter

  • 39 Reels; $3,705
  • The Cheese Reporter, a weekly dairy trade publication, covers legislative and regulatory issues, pricing and production trends, marketing and technology, and more to help dairy manufacturers or marketers compete in the ever-changing dairy industry.

 CIS Congressional Bills Resolutions Laws on Microfiche

  • 12,699 fiche; $71,020
  • The CIS microfiche collection provides the full texts of the original amended and revised versions of all House and Senate public and private bills, simple joint and concurrent resolutions, and public laws. It includes the following congresses: 1933 (73rd congress)–1938 (74th congress); 1967–68 (90th congress); and the 1973 (93rd congress)–1978 (95th congress).

Die Dame, July 1922December 1941

  • 35 reels; $5,250
  • Originally published by Ullstein, Die Dame was a glossy sophisticated magazine for the German New Woman. Die Dame provided topical commentaries on fashion; detailed discussions of the latest trends in clothing, accessories, and hairstyles; and elaborate coverage of the film world.

Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Transitional Press

  • 139 reels; $13,000
  • Including more than 1,000 newspaper titles from the Russian Federation (and to a limited extent from Belarus and Ukraine), this collection covers the period between 1985 and 2000 including the regimes of Mikhail Gorbachev (1985–91), the last General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; and Boris Yeltsin (1991–99), the first President of the Russian Federation following the dissolution of the USSR.

Peter and Edith Chang Papers

  • 55 reels; $11,000
  • From the holdings of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University in the City of New York. 1930s–2001. Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, documents, artwork, calligraphies, study materials, photographs, published materials, and clippings detailing the lives of Peter and Edith Chang are contained in this collection.

The Sun (New York N.Y.: Sun-Herald)

  • 187 reels; $24,210
  • The original New York Sun began publication Sept. 1833 as a morning newspaper. An evening edition was introduced in 1887. The morning edition of the Sun was subsumed by the New York Herald in 1919. The Evening Sun continued until January 4, 1950, when it merged with the New York World-Telegram and Sun. In 1966, this paper became part of the New York World Journal Tribune, which folded the following year.

Variety (New York, NY)

  • 93 reels; $10,974
  • This weekly trade publication began in 1905 to cover vaudeville. It soon expanded to cover the rapidly growing film industry, and published the first film review in 1907.

Vechirnii Kyiv (July 1, 19511975)

  • 25 reels; $10,810
  • The main evening newspaper for Kyiv. The period in question covers the early 1950s through the 1972 installation of Volodymyr Shcherbytsky as the First Secretary of the Communist Party and the subsequent arrests of Ukrainian dissidents.

Zhongguo jin dai ge di xiao bao hui kan Di yi ji Translation: The Compilation of Tabloids in Modern China: First Series.

  • 97 volumes; $9,500 depending on exchange rates
  • The many tabloids published in Modern China reflected all aspects of social life and touched upon many other subjects of the time. These newspapers provide ample raw materials for the studies of politics, economy, urban development, art history, film, theater, and even literature for the period they covered.

Total List Price: $339,469 USD

For more information, please visit the Purchase Proposal Program page or contact Mary Wilke, Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director at: