Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Ann Okerson -

The LIBLICENSE project (including the liblicense-l discussion group and the website) has a new home. After 15 years at Yale University, the project has completed the second phase of its move to the Center for Research Libraries. CRL now hosts and provides technical support for both the listserv and website, including the complete archives of liblicense-l (containing over 17,200 individual messages).

The LIBLICENSE project was initiated in 1997 by Ann Okerson, at that time Associate University Librarian at Yale University, now CRL’s Senior Advisor on Electronic Strategies. It benefited from funding from the Commission on Preservation and Access, the Council on Library Resources (both since merged into the Council on Library and Information Resources), and the Digital Library Federation. Over the years, the LIBLICENSE project has created unprecedented resources for professionals seeking to understand the emerging world of licensed scholarly resources for libraries. The licensing material is updated at intervals, with links to many library, NGO, and vendor resources. Also in 1997, as a companion to the website, liblicense-l began discussion of licensing, scholarly communications, and related topics. This moderated international discussion forum now includes approximately 3,800 librarians, publishers, attorneys, and others in the information supply chain.

The liblicense-l listserv moved to CRL in November 2011; the newly transferred website ( now features updated infrastructure and design. The list of discussion group members was transferred automatically, but the site has a new email address for subscribing and for posting messages.

LIBLICENSE welcomes new participants. For more information, please contact LIBLICENSE project director Ann Okerson.