Community Review and Comment: CRL Global Collections Impact Model

Thursday, July 6, 2023
Felicia Owens -

In 2023, the CRL community is convening, in consultation with the Educopia Institute, to weave CRL's global collections activities together into a holistic strategy that leverages CRL's unique community, scale, and infrastructure to build community-stewarded global collections in service to research, and scholarship. More information on this initiative and its timeline and deliverables can be found here

We are currently in Phase 2 of this initiative, during which a multistakeholder “sprint team” drawn from across the CRL community designs an Impact Model for CRL Global Collections. This impact model provides specific action items that, if taken, will provide specific pathways forward to align CRL resources with community aspirations. 

The Impact Model Sprint Team is pleased to share the draft of the Impact Model for open community review. Following this community review period, the Sprint Team will evaluate all feedback and prepare a final version of the impact model to share with the community as well as inform the Phase Three Sprint Team in building a sustainability model for CRL global collections 

CRL Global Collections Impact Model [DRAFT] 

Community review and commenting is open through Wednesday, July 12. All comments may be submitted via this Community Review/Feedback Form.  

This draft for community review is shared on behalf of Phase Two Sprint Team Members: Lidia Uziel, University of California, Santa Barbara; Jennifer Osorio, University of California, Los Angeles; Angi Faiks, Macalester College; Zoë McLaughlin, Michigan State University; Laura Ring, University of Chicago; and Greg Eow and Felicia Owens of the Center for Research Libraries, as well as Educopia Institute facilitators, Katherine Kim and Jessica Meyerson. 

For the latest news on this process, see the Strengthening CRL Global Collections (2023) information page. 

For any questions, please contact Felicia Owens, CRL Director of Board and Member Relations, at  

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