Call for Participation - Sustainable Stewardship and Access Working Group

Thursday, April 21, 2022
Thomas Padilla -

CRL's Collections and Services Policy Committee is excited to open a call for participation in the newly formed Sustainable Stewardship and Access Working Group. 

Academic libraries share in common the need to resolve collection backlogs while keeping pace with ongoing acquisitions. This is a collective collection challenge that necessitates collective solutions. Working from fundamental strengths in international collections and community wide collaboration, the Center for Research Libraries charges a Sustainable Stewardship and Access Working Group to investigate and propose shared and/or cooperative cataloging solutions that enable sustainable stewardship of and access to materials in less commonly known languages. Given the complexity of the challenge, working group membership will be (1) functionally diverse: metadata, infrastructure, design thinking, discovery, collection development, public services, and access services; (2) institutionally diverse: R1 public, R2, R1 private, liberal arts colleges; and (3) collection diverse: multiple languages from an inclusive range of world regions. 


Reporting to the Collections & Services Policy Committee, solutions proposed by the Sustainable Stewardship and Access Working Group will build upon prior and contemporary experimentation (e.g., BTAA Cooperative Cataloging Partnership), center DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), and embrace out of the box thinking (e.g., scaling description through machine learning, interdisciplinary and interprofessional partnerships) while being deeply vested in the operational realities of the institutions that constitute the academic library community (e.g., R1, R2, liberal arts colleges).


2022, for potential renewal in 2023

Self-nominate or Nominate

Please use this form to self-nominate or nominate an individual who you believe would be a key contributor to this work. 

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