Afghan publications preserved by MEMP

Majallah-i al-Falah January 1935. A monthly journal about Islamic and legal issues.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Judy Alspach -

The Middle East Materials Project (MEMP) has preserved nine Afghan serial publications collected by the Library of Congress Field Office in Islamabad. Three of the publications have been digitized and the other six are now microfilmed, as indicated below.

These materials include holdings from 1930 through 2011 and represent a period covering the last years of the monarchy's rule in Afghanistan, civil war, foreign invasion, and the rule of the Taliban. Most are in Persian (Farsi) and/or Pushto language, but some also contain English language content. The range of titles includes general newspapers as well as the publications of political organizations and governmental bodies. Several of the titles are devoted to women's and children's issues.

This collection complements a number of other Afghan materials recently preserved by MEMP and SAMP.

Title and brief description Place of Publication MEMP Holdings Links to record in CRL catalog
Da kūchinyāno anīs is a weekly publication about children's literature. Kabul, Afghanistan

1970 - 1971

 Digital record
Da Wūlasi Jargay jarīdah is a publication of the National Assembly of Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

1988 - 1989

 Microfilm record
Haftahʹnāmah-i Kābul is a weekly publication covering political events in Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

2002 - 2006

 Digital record

Inṣāf is a weekly publication on Persian that covers cultural and political topics. Kabul, Afghanistan

2002 - 2011

 Microfilm record
Irshād al-Nisvāṉ is a monthly publication of the Ministry of Women's Affairs of Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

1994 - 1996; 2002 - 2010

 Microfilm record
Majallah-i al-Falāḥ is a monthly journal about Islamic and legal issues of Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

1930 - 1937; 1956 - 1964

 Digital record

Ṣadā-yi āzādī / ISAF was published by the International Security Assistance Force of Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

2009 - 2011

 Microfilm record
Sīrat / Argān-i Nasharātī Anjuman-i Farhangī-i Zanān was the first women's publication after the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

2001 - 2007; 2009 - 2010

 Microfilm record
Zindahgī-i Ḥizbī was a bimonthly publication of the Central Committee of People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan

1987 - 1990

 Microfilm record


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