GRN Roundtables

Global Resources Roundtables (previously known as Global Resources Forums) explore the challenges of ensuring the survival and continued availability of information, documentation, and evidence needed to support advanced research in fields of international importance.

The forums examine how source materials are produced today, with particular attention to new media and emerging communication technologies, and how those materials are used. Outcomes of the Roundtables are a set of recommended strategies, policies and practices that libraries, archives, and other repositories can adopt to accommodate the realities of the topic field.

The Roundtables are intended for librarians, scholars, publishers, and other information professionals.

Past Roundtables have focused on the preservation of news, documentation related to human rights, and sources for Latin American studies.

2010 - "Global Water - 2010 and Beyond"

October 21–22, 2010
Denver, Colorado [co-sponsored with the Greater Western Library Alliance]

2009 - CRL Global Resources Collection Development Forum

November 4, 2009
Charleston, SC

Morning: "Access to Academic Theses and Dissertations, Navigating a Changing Landscape"
Afternoon: "News: Paper, Film and Digital"

2008 - “On the Record”: A Global Resources Forum on Electronic Media and the Preservation of News

October 23–24, 2008
New York Public Library

2007 - Human Rights Archives and Documentation: Meeting the Needs of Research, Teaching, Advocacy, and Social Justice

October 4–6, 2007
Columbia University

2006 - CRL/LC International Collections Development Workshop

February 27–28, 2006
Library of Congress

2005 - GRN Conference and Forum

March 24–25, 2005
Yale University