Religion in the Modern World

Summer 2007 | Volume 26, Number 4 | Download PDF

Religion in the Modern World

In This Issue

Documentation of religion in the modern world

Some Primary Source Texts on Christian Missions

A sampling of CRL primary source materials and documentation of Christian missions to China, Africa, India, and Japan.

Some Additional Sources on Missions

Highlights of additional mission activities among Native Americans and indigenous cultures in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, East Asia, and other regions.

American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Collections on Microform

Overview of ATLA, its mission, notable collections, and the digital, open access, teaching resources available through its Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative (CDRI).

Some Resources on Islam and Judaism Held by CRL

Resources on Islam and Judaism, including Arabic manuscripts from the British Library, Islamic studies and journals from India and Pakistan, dissertations on Islam and the Middle East, and doctoral dissertations from Israeli universities.

Tibetan Language Resources

Summary of Tibetan language resources with a sidebar on the Special Foreign Currency Program, popularly known as Public Law 480, through which they were acquired.

The second class of graduating kindergarteners and other children in a missionary-run school in Tokyo’s Mukojima district. From Wayside Sowing. CRL collections.