CRL Collections and Access

Summer 2005 | Volume 24, Number 4 | Download PDF

CRL Collections and Access

President's Message — Collections and Access

A brief wrap-up of important CRL developments, including membership growth, service enhancements, and acquisitions.

Collections and Services Advisory Panel

Profile and mission of the Center's advisory body on collection development and collection services, including a roster of CSAP members.

Collection News: International Resources

Collections and holdings for international studies are discoverable through theme-based editions of the Focus newsletter. The article includes links to FY2005 issues focusing on the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.

2005 Acquisitions

An inventory of microform sets acquired by the Center in FY2005 and now available to scholars at member institutions, with direct links to catalog records.

Other Center Activities

Highlights of an exceptionally productive year: high-production cataloging of new and legacy materials, improved metrics for interlibrary loan and document delivery, and expansion of direct borrowing and digital delivery services. Plus news about CRL print and digital archiving activities.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspecting the ruins of Coventry Cathedral following a November 1940 German air raid. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.