2010 Primary Source Awards

Spring 2010 | Volume 29, Number 3 | Download PDF

2010 Primary Source Awards

In This Issue

Comments on the Spring 2010 issue of FOCUS on Global Resources from CRL President Bernard Reilly.

Primary Source Awards Introduction

A brief overview of CRL's new Primary Source Awards program.

Award for Access

Dr. Elisabeth McMahon—Assistant Professor of History, Tulane University

Award for Research

Dr. G. R. Boynton—Professor of Political Science, University of Iowa

Award for Teaching

Dr. Anne Urbancic—Senior Lecturer, Italian Studies at the University of Toronto, Victoria College.

April 1985 issue of grassroots covering the funeral of victims of the Uitenhage massacre in South Africa. From CRL collections. Learn how a Tulane professor created a South African special collections project in this issue of FOCUS.