German Resources

Spring 2008 | Volume 27, Number 3 | Download PDF

German Resources

In This Issue

A foreword on CRL’s German-related collections, resource development, and scholarly research using CRL materials.

Germany's Nestor Project and the Value of Robust Digital Repositories

A profile of Germany’s Network of Expertise in long-term Storage (nestor) project and a collaboration to define and document the salient characteristics of robust digital repositories.

Activities of the German-North American Resources Partnership

An update on German-North American Resources Partnership (GNARP) projects and activities.

German Colonial Archives

Selected primary and secondary sources, with links, highlighting German colonial activities and foreign affairs in Africa, the Pacific, and other areas.

Some German History and Cultural Resources

A diverse sampling—with numerous digital and catalog links—of CRL microform collections that support research and teaching on German history and culture.

German Illustrated Periodicals

A short list of Germany’s trendsetting 19th century illustrated periodicals, with background and links.

Masochism and the German Colonial Imagination

A scholar’s perspective, derived in part from CRL collections, on the impact of German colonialism on modern German cultural norms.

World War I propaganda forewarning England of Germany’s Zeppelin fleet, from issue 3691 of Fliegende Blätter (1916). From CRL collections.