Spring 2003

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Spring 2003

Message from CRL President Bernard Reilly

The contents of this month’s newsletter indicate a high level of activity at the Center. Cataloging of the dissertations collection and other scholarly resources proceeds at a furious pace. And we continue to make important additions to the corpus of newspapers, journals, archives, and other foreign-language materials. With money in short supply CRL is maintaining a vigorous acquisitions program so that member institutions can devote more of their own scarce acquisition funds to purchasing core materials.

Current CRL Global Initiatives

From January 23-25, 2003, the Coalition for International Education sponsored a conference hosted by Duke University, entitled: “Global Challenges and U.S. Higher Education.” The conference was planned in response to the impending reauthorization of the Higher Education Act by the U.S. Congress. Conference participants, ranging from representatives of language programs and National Resource Centers, professional school and undergraduate educators, librarians, coalition members, and Department of Education

CRL Political Communications Web Archiving Study

Within the past decade the World Wide Web has emerged as a vital medium of political communication. It now serves as a global message board through which political activists, parties, popular fronts, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) communicate with constituents and the world community. These communications are the digital-era counterparts of the pamphlets, posters, and other forms of “street literature” that have long provided historians and others indispensable data on political activities,

CRL Annual Meeting To Be Held April 22

Security of Knowledge Resources, Libraries Role in Emerging Nations to be Discussed

CRL at ACRL and Website Update

CRL will host an exhibit booth at the upcoming biennial conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) to be held April 10 – 13 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Melissa Trevvett and Jim Green from the Center will be available to answer questions, discuss current projects and initiatives, and receive feedback and suggestions from staff from our member institutions. We will also be distributing our newly designed membership information packet, the first of series of new brochures to

Checking the Status of Dissertation Orders

The Demand Purchase service at CRL provides for the purchase of publications (including foreign doctoral dissertations, and archive microfilm titles or newspaper titles in which the Center has partial holdings) to fill a member request, when the requested materials are not already owned by the Center. This service is provided at no additional cost to the member or user, but the time period required to fulfill such requests (especially dissertation requests) is longer than the normal interlibrary loan fulfillment

Z39.50 Connections to CRL's OPAC

Many members have asked how they can make CRL resources more visible at their institutions. Z39.50 makes it possible for a user in one system to search and retrieve information from other computer systems (that have also implemented Z39.50) without knowing the search syntax that is used by those other systems.

Recent Acquisitions - Nov. 02 - Jan. 03

OCLC record numbers are supplied as reference to more complete bibliographic information when possible. If there is no OCLC number supplied material is still being processed. The Center’s holding symbol (CRL) may not yet be attached to the record cited.


Doctoral Dissertations titles in all formats received as a result of demand purchase, exchange, and deposit: 1,464.