Southeast Asia Studies

Fall 2005 | Volume 25, Number 1 | Download PDF

Southeast Asia Studies

President's Message

Ensuring Access to Southeast Asia Resources

Southeast Asia Microform Project: 35 Years of International Collaboration

The growth and achievements of SEAM, its preservation and acquisition strategies, and collection highlights.

Preserving Khmer Rouge Archives

The Yale-CRL undertaking to preserve the official documentation of the activities, policies, and objectives of the Santebal, the secret state police of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge.

Southeast Asia Acquisitions for 2005 British Foreign Office Files: United States of America, Series Two: Viet Nam, 1959-1975.

The newly acquired, five-part archive of British Foreign Office Files covering Southeast Asia from 1959-1966. The archive includes extensive documentation of the U.S. war in Viet Nam.

SEAM Preservation Microfilming Project in Viet Nam

How SEAM established a microfilming program at the National Library of Viet Nam, to ensure preservation of rare newspapers, with details on funding, training, field logistics, and highlights of the preserved materials.

A Digital Southeast Asia Library

Details on the October 1, 2005 launch of the Digital Southeast Asia Library, based at Northern Illinois University Library, which provides free access to a number of collaborating archives.

Photo from Khmer Rouge archives