New Materials Received - FY2002 Purchase Proposals Acquired

(Adam Matthew Publications) (Sections detailed below comprising 107 reels + printed guides) (In processing)

“The material on Egypt will be of particular interest in light of contemporary developments in the Middle East. The record of the encounter between western and local culture will be useful to students and scholars in social, political, and cultural history. India was long the object of the most intensive missionary work sponsored by CMS (parallel to British economic and strategic objectives in the region), and several scholars in the Department of History, as well as many of their students, conduct research in this area. The central records requested, containing periodicals and reports, will provide valuable documentation of 'home' activities as well as reports from the 'field.'” -Mary Stuart, in the nomination from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • CMSA Section III: Central Records
    • Part 10: The Missionary Papers, 1816-1867, CMS Monthly Paper, 1828-1829, A Quarterly Token for Juvenile Subscribers, 1856-1878 & 1888-1917, The Home Gazette, 1905-1906, and The CMS Gazette, 1907-1934
  • CMSA Section III: Central Records
    • Part 11: General Review of Missions, 1919, Annual Reports, 1922-1944 and
      CMS Historical Record, 1944-1986
  • CMSA Section IV: Africa Missions
    • Part 14: Egypt Mission, 1889-1934
  • CMSA Section IV: Africa Missions
    • Part 15: Egypt Mission, 1889-1949
  • CMSA Section VI: Missions to India
    • Part 1: India General, 1811-1815,and North India Mission, 1815-1881
  • CMSA Section VI: Missions to India
    • Part 2: North India Mission, 1815-1881

Everyday Stalinism

Living Standards, Norms and Values of Various Groups of Soviet People in the 1920s and 1930s (IDC Publishers) (1,141 microfiche + online guide) (OCLC #47949286)

Neuer Buchersaal Der Schonen Wissenschaften Und Freyen Kunste.

(Leipzig : Verlegts B. C. Breitkopf, 1745-1750) 63 fiche. (OCLC #5573729) (Received from back order)

Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection

(Scholarly Resources) Main set. (395 reels + printed guide)

“This collection of pamphlets, serials, broadsides, fliers, and posters provides immediate access to primary sources of the past twenty years on the constantly changing situations in Latin America.” - (Publisher’s description) Nearly 400 records have bibliographic access. Check the CRLCATALOG under title: “Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection” for individual entries.

The United States And The Russian Civil War: The Betty Miller Unterberger Collection of Documents (Scholarly Resources) (25 reels + printed guide) (OCLC #48743307)

This collection covers World War I and its immediate aftermath, concentrating on America's role in the Russian Civil War and early relations between the United States and the newly formed Soviet Union. Consisting of approximately 10,000 documents pulled from over 50 repositories around the world, including the former Soviet Union, most of this collection is in English, with 80 percent of the foreign-language materials having been translated or accompanied by English-language abstracts. (Publisher’s description)