Correspondence of Johann Caspar Lavater Microform Set and other Resources Acquired


CRL, the University of Iowa, and five other CRL voting-member libraries joined together to fund the acquisition of the major microform set — Correspondence of Johann Caspar Lavater. The set was given a favorable rating in the 2003 voting round of the Center’s Purchase Proposals Program, but sufficient funds were not available to purchase all proposed materials. Later CRL was able to assemble a small number of interested members to enable the purchase to be made. Contributing members were the University of Iowa, Duke University, McGill University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Yale University. The full citation for the work is Letters to and from Johann Caspar Lavater (1741-1801) IDC Publishers. It includes 1,843 microfiche, and its published price is $18,430.

Best known today for his Essais sur le Physiognomie, which was published in hundreds of editions since its initial appearance, Lavater was both admired and detested in his time for his unconventional approach to theology and his views on the human character as expressed in facial and cranial features. He was an avid correspondent with many of the leading European thinkers of the Enlightenment and early Romantic periods. The IDC collection includes more than 21,000 letters in Lavater's estate in the Zentralbibliothek in Zürich, which display the enormous thematic variety produced during a remarkable forty years of correspondence.Now published for the first time, the material is a unique source material for research to such disciplines as theology, history, literature, arts, and the humanities.

The initial impetus for acquisition of the Lavater corpus was provided by a member of the University of Iowa faculty, whose research on the development of English editions of the Essais grew out of an interest in artist William Blake’s contribution of four engravings to one of the editions. The faculty member’s proposal noted:

…Johann Caspar Lavater (1741-1801) seems to have corresponded with most of the leading literary, philosophical, political, and cultural figures in Europe, including Goethe, Fuseli, Herder, de Staehl, Catherine the Great, Joseph II, Queen Charlotte of Great Britain, and many, many more. But only snippits of his vast correspondence have been published over the years.

Now that the Lavater Correspondence has been acquired, the collection will be available to all CRL members.

Other Materials Recently Received by CRL — (May 2003 - August 2003)

The following materials have been received since the last issue of Focus. OCLC record numbers are supplied as reference to more complete bibliographic information when possible. If there is not an OCLC number supplied, material is still being processed. The Center’s holdings symbol (CRL) may not yet be attached to the record cited. For more complete information on the holdings of newspapers and archival sets, search the CRL CATALOG or contact the Center. To borrow specific items, researchers should contact their interlibrary loan office.

Churchill at War: the Prime Minister’s Office papers, 1940-1945 : PRO record classes PREM 3 and PREM 4 (OCLC # 40527607). The CRL call number for the set is MF-13512. The loan copy of the guide is at CRL call number E-12325.

The Suffragette Fellowship Collection from the Museum of London (Fighting for the Vote) (OCLC # 16944102). The CRL call number for the set is MF-13470. The loan copy of the guide is at CRL call number D-24134.

Foreign Office Files: United States of American Series Two: Vietnam, 1959-1975 Part 1: Vietnam, 1959-1975, Part 2: Laos, 1959-1963, Part 3: Cambodia, 1959-1963 (OCLC # 44592885). The CRL call number for the all three parts of the set is MF-13422. The loan copy of the guide is at CRL call number B-48263.

Foreign Office Files for Cuba
  • Part 1: Revolution in Cuba, 1959-1960 (OCLC # 49045158). The CRL call number for the set is MF-13420. The guide to this set is not yet published.
  • Part 2: Cuba and the Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961, 2003 (OCLC # 50434057). The CRL call number for the set is MF-13517. The guide to this set is not yet published.

La Gaceta, Diario Oficial (Nicaragua) (OCLC # 5988455). The CRL call number of the following dates purchased as a purchase proposal (Feb. 7, 1845-Dec. 4, 1847; Nov. 22, 1851-Dec 17, 1853; Jan 1858-1946, 1995-1999) is FOG MF-298.

Russian Archives

  • Series 1: the International Department, 1953-1957, (OCLC # 45725714). The CRL call number for the set is MF-13525. The loan copy of the guide is at CRL call number E-12284.
  • Series 2: the General Department Central Committee 1953-1966, (OCLC # 46966927). The CRL call number for the set is MF-13472. The loan copy of the guide is at CRL call number E-12285.

US Espionage and Intelligence: Organization, Operations and Management, 1947-1996, (OCLC # 37335117). The CRL call number for the set is FICHE. The loan copy of the guide is at CRL call number E-12285

Continuing Purchase Proposals Received:

  • Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland (OCLC #43612778) Installments 7-9; CRL call number FICHE.
  • Comintern Archive, 1917-1940. Series 2, Plenum (OCLC #38328141) Plenums 1-6; CRL call number FICHE.

Area Studies Microforms

Latin America (through LAMP)
  • Standard (Buenos Aires, Argentina) (OCLC #52780026) MF-13558 LAMP (127 reels) [1861-1874; 1938-1939; 1942-1959]
Middle East (through MEMP)
  • Aljadid: a record of Arab culture & arts = al-Jadíd (OCLC #40354639) MF-11694 MEMP (1 reel) v. 1, no. 1-v. 4, no. 23 (Nov. 1995-spring 1998)
  • Hürriyet (Istanbul, Turkey) MF Neg. MF [Dec. 22, 1948-Sep. 2, 1955]
  • Navïd (OCLC #52863572) MF-13579 MEMP (1 reel) v. 1, no. 1-v. 2, no. 9/10 (Dec. 1999-Sept. 2002)
Southeast Asia (through SEAM)
  • Horas (Jakarta, Indonesia) (OCLC #52599879) - MF-13547 SEAM (1 reel) no. 1-40 (July 1988- May 1990)
  • Khosana san (OCLC #52598405) - MF-13439 SEAM (1 reel) 1965: Feb. 11-Mar. 11, Mar. 25-Apr. 27
  • Mahara??h Khmaer (OCLC #52304813) - MF-13448 SEAM (reel 4, item [2]) 1974: Sept. 2-Nov. 19; 1975: Jan. 2-31
  • N?aeo hom potpoi sat Lao (OCLC #52598406) - MF-13439 SEAM (1 reel) Feb. 1983-Feb. 1987, Apr. 1987, June 1988-1990
  • Pituphum (Viangchan, Laos) (OCLC #52598407) - MF-13439 SEAM (1 reel) 1971: Mar. 18-Apr. 7, Apr. 13-29, May 3-June 8
  • Qnak jatiniyam (Phnom Penh, Cambodia : 1959) (OCLC #52304806) — MF-13448 SEAM (4 reels) 1959: Sept. 12, Sept. 26-Nov. 7, Nov. 21-Dec. 26; 1962: Dec. 31; 1963: Jan. 20-27, Mar. 10-24, Apr. 7-28, May 12-26, June 23-30, July 21-Oct. 13, Oct. 27-Nov. 3, Nov. 24-Dec. 1, Dec. 15-22; 1964: Jan. 12-Feb. 2, Feb. 16-23, Mar. 8-15; 1966: May 16/22; 1969: Mar. 30
  • Sarbartman Khemra dhipati = Khemara dhibati news (OCLC # 52304814) - MF-13448 SEAM (reel 4, item [3]) 1972: May 9-21, May 23-July 30


The 1930 U.S. Census for the following states: Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and the District of Columbia. The Soundex for the following states was also acquired: Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina. Not all of these have been cataloged at the time of publication. The states processed at the time of publication include:

  • Indiana: MF-13587; no Soundex
  • Louisiana: Not yet assigned a call number as of this writing; Soundex MF-13557
  • Michigan: MF-13575; no Soundex
  • New Jersey: MF-13586; no Soundex
  • North Carolina: Soundex only MF-13577
  • South Carolina: MF-13553; Soundex MF-13580

The books and manuscripts of John Dee, 1527-1608. Part 6 (OCLC #26456492) MF-13424

Descriptive pamphlet to Central Treasury records of the Continental and Confederation governments relating to foreign affairs, 1775-1787; NARA M1004

Federal nonpopulation census schedules, Michigan, 1850-1880, in the custody of the Michigan State Archives, division of Michigan history, Department of State; (OCLC #32631289) NARA T1164 reel 26

Index (Miracode) to the 1910 federal population census schedules for Ohio; NARA T1272 reel 146

Index (Soundex) to passenger lists of vessels arriving at Baltimore, MD, 1897-1952; (OCLC #36999816) NARA T520 reels 18 & 26

Index to passenger lists of vessels arriving at Philadelphia, 1800-1906; (OCLC #10646463) NARA M360 reel 8

Purport lists for the Department of State Decimal File, 1910-1944; (OCLC #22701542) NARA M973 reels 175, 562, & 563

Records of the U.S. Military Advisor to the Philippine Commonwealth, 1935-1941. RG 1: correspondence, reports, news clippings MF-13374 reels 1-3; Guide E-12332

War Cabinet Chiefs of Staff Committee. CAB 80, Memoranda (OCLC #20036943) CAB 80/56-106; MF-13556 (r.1-24)


The following U. S. general circulation newspapers have been restarted for 2003 and their back files for 2001-2002 have been acquired:

  • Boston Globe
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Daily News (New York, NY)
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Denver Post
  • Detroit Free Press
  • Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO: 1885)
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Miami Herald
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio: 1961)
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Sun (Baltimore, MD: 1837)


JNKVV research journal (OCLC #4472830) Vol.2 no. 1, Mar. 1968, Vol. 3, no. 1, 1969, Vol. 4, no. 1&2 Sept. 1970; Vol. 5 no. 1, Mar. 1971; Vol. 6 no. 1, 1972; Vol. 7 no. 1, 1973; Vol. 8 no. 1, 1974; Vol. 9 nos. 1&2, Jan-Apr. 1975; Vol. 10 no. 1, Jan. 1976; Vol. 11 nos. 1 & 2 Jan- Apr. 1977; Vol. 13 no. 1-4, Jan-Oct. 1979; Vol. 14 no. 1&2 Jan.-Apr.1980; Vol. 15 nos. 1-2 Jan.-Apr. 1981

Russian Monographs

Osobennosti kaustik i volnovykh frontov (OCLC #43811626)