Southeast Asia Acquisitions for 2005 British Foreign Office Files: United States of America, Series Two: Viet Nam, 1959-1975.

Adam Matthew Publications

The Center for Research Libraries has acquired the first five parts of this British microfilm series from Adam Matthew Publications. The series contains information, documents, and reports from Britain's Foreign Office that were gathered by that agency while monitoring the US role in the Viet Nam War. The acquired titles, documented below, were nominated and selected for purchase by members through the Purchase Proposal Program and are now available on 170 reels through interlibrary loan.

In 2005 the Center acquired microform sets through the Purchase Proposal Program with a total list value of $202,155. Member libraries interested in acquiring additional parts of this series through the Purchase Proposal Program should contact Mary Wilke for more information.

Part 1: Viet Nam, 1959-1963 (29 reels) includes:

  • Viet Nam's political and commercial relations with other countries
  • US military assistance to South Viet Nam
  • The Geneva Conference
  • Weekly reports on the operations against the Viet Cong

Part 2: Laos, 1959-1963 (58 reels) includes:

  • Notes on the internal political situation in Laos and Cambodia
  • Files on political relations with China, France, Thailand, the US, Soviet Union, India, Viet Nam, and other countries
  • Papers of the International Supervisory Commission in Cambodia
  • Notes on Anglo-US-Soviet talks in Laos

Part 3: Cambodia, 1959-1963
(14 reels) includes:

  • Notes on the internal political situation in Cambodia
  • British assessments of US policy towards Cambodia
  • Documents on UN policy in the region
  • Papers on the London talks

Part 4: South East Asia Treaty Organisation, SE Asia General and Thailand, 1959-1963: Complete Files on the Viet Nam Conflict (25 reels) includes:

  • Material on communist infiltration and insurgency
  • Briefs and discussion papers for the UK delegation
  • The perspectives of Australian and New Zealand representatives
  • Documents of SEATO forces in Thailand, military planning, and SEATO amphibious exercises

Part 5: Viet Nam, 1964-1966 (44 reels) includes:

  • Weekly reports, intelligence assessments, and critical analysis focus on the build up of American forces in Viet Nam, the scale of human tragedy and the efforts at mediation
  • Documents on the role of the British Advisory Mission
  • US military strategy, including attrition, search and destroy operations, and massive bombing campaigns
  • Reports on political asylum, prisoners of war, refugees, Red Cross activities, and medical aid.