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Collection Spotlight: Fairy Tales at the University of Colorado, Boulder Spring 2009
CIFNAL Partner Collaboration: Three case studies Spring 2009
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CIFNAL Member Spotlight Spring 2009
CIFNAL’s Début Launching the Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections Spring 2009
The Bibliotheque Bleue Online: CIFNAL's First Collaborative Project Spring 2009
Selected French History and Culture Resources Spring 2009
Some German History and Cultural Resources Spring 2008
German Illustrated Periodicals Spring 2008
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Masochism and the German Colonial Imagination Spring 2008
Germany's Nestor Project and the Value of Robust Digital Repositories Spring 2008
Activities of the German-North American Resources Partnership Spring 2008
German Colonial Archives Spring 2008
Some Additional Sources Spring 2007
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England in Africa: Some Sources for the Study of the British in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1800–1920 Spring 2007
Immigration and Public Policy Spring 2006
Diaspora Newspapers Spring 2006
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Head Counts: Census Reports Spring 2006
DSAL’s Digital Jewel Spring 2005
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