How are requested materials delivered?

Two-day express courier, digital links, and electronic delivery.

  • Two-day express - All returnable materials are delivered by two-day express courier. Last year, 92% of all interlibrary loan requests were processed in a single business day, then shipped by two-day express.
  • Digital delivery - CRL now delivers as much requested material as possible digitally. The average turn-around time is 5-10 business days, but whether individual requests can be delivered digitally depends on the extent and condition of the requested material. We expect to provide desktop delivery to the vast majority of requests within the decade.
    • Accessing digital files – Digital files are accessed through a link on the bibliographic record. Users whose requests have been filled digitally are forwarded a link, once the material accessible.
    • Copyright note - To enable a “fair use” consultation of titles with copyright restrictions, we make digital copies available for restricted, non-simultaneous use by members within a limited period.
  • Electronically – More than 95% of all-page image copies of articles are processed and delivered (by Odyssey, Article Exchange, email, fax transmissions) in a single day.
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