Webinar: Print and Digital Archiving

Event Logistics

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
2:00-3:00 p.m. Central Time
Gwen Ihnat - gihnat@crl.edu

CRL provides information infrastructure and a community forum for the sharing of practices and information about print archiving initiatives. In this webinar, CRL Print Archives Consultant Lizanne Payne offers updates on major print archiving initiatives in North America, including the Print Archives Preservation Registry system. CRL Director of Technical Services Amy Wood will report on CRL’s IMLS-funded project, “Cooperative Print Archiving by Discipline: Developing an Infrastructure to Sustain Scholarly Resources”; in this project, CRL is working with two other major consortia to create a sustainable and scalable plan for cooperative management of legacy print materials in the fields of Law and Agriculture. Marie Waltz, CRL Special Projects Librarian, will discuss how HathiTrust and Portico can factor into print-archiving risk analysis.

This event is open to librarians and researchers at CRL institutions.

CRL hosts webinars throughout the year on CRL benefits and services, as well as more subject-based topics. More information on our webinar schedule can be found in the Membership section.