Charleston Preconference: The Radically Different Future of Collection Development

Event Logistics

Wednesday, November 03, 2010
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Charleston Conference
Don Dyer -


  • Rick Anderson, Associate Director for Scholarly Resources & Collections, University of Utah
  • Dan Hazen, Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Collection Development, Harvard University
  • Greg Raschke, Associate Director for Collections and Scholarly Communication Administration, North Carolina State University
  • Ivy Anderson, Director, Collection Development & Management, California Digital Library
  • Judy Luther, President, Informed Strategies.

This preconference, cosponsored by CRL and the University of Utah, will explore the future of collection development in a radically disrupted information environment: “We will examine where we are now and where change is likely to occur, what we will lead, and what may just happen to us if we aren't nimble and don't take charge of our future.”

The one-day program will open with an introduction by Rick Anderson (University of Utah) including a provocative statement about the future of library collections. It will be followed by four 20-minute presentations from distinguished panelists, and then an audience discussion. Following a brief break, the audience will divide into four groups (each facilitated by one of the panelists) for a 45-minute discussion period.  After lunch, there will be a 10-minute report from each group, with time for discussion, followed by a wrap-up and discussion of future directions.

This event is free for CRL Members, $150 for non-CRL Members.