61st Annual Council of Voting Members Meeting

Event Logistics

Friday, April 23, 2010
10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. CDT
Yvonne Jefferson - yjefferson@crl.edu

Legacy: Bridging Print, Microform, and Digital

The 2010 annual meeting was conducted via web conference on Friday, April 23, 2010.

Business Meeting

10:00 a.m.12:00 noon CDT 

During the CRL Business Meeting, the main governance event of CRL’s year, designated representatives of CRL libraries reviewed and voted on the slate of Board members and annual budget for the coming fiscal year.

  1. Chair’s Report – Fred Heath
  2. Secretary’s Report – Brian Schottlaender
  3. President’s Report – Bernard Reilly reported on current CRL activities and outlined the program objectives for the coming fiscal year.
  4. Treasurer’s Report and Proposed Budget for FY 2011 – Sarah Michalak
  5. Nomination and Election of Board of Directors – Fred Heath
  6. CRL Primary Source Awards – Joyce Ogburn, Chair, CRL Collections and Services Policy Committee

Collections Forum

1:304:00 p.m. CDT

The online Collections Forum offered administrators, staff, and faculty at CRL libraries the chance to hear about new CRL collections and resources, and to help shape our agenda and services for the coming year.

1:30 p.m. Expanding Global Resources



A series of conversations on CRL’s multiyear agenda to expand electronic access to critical research materials and support local collection decision-making and investment.



  • Growing CRL Shared Collections
    CRL Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director Mary Wilke reported on collections acquired through the cooperative purchase programs and area studies preservation programs, including ten new microform sets valued at $172,000.
  • New CRL Digital Resources
    CRL Director of International Resources James Simon discussed new digitization plans, including:
    • expanding the World Newspaper Archive
    • partnership with the Law Libraries Microfilm Consortium, TRAIL, and the British Library EThOS program
    • other digital resources for international studies.
    • Background: Find out more about the World Newspaper Archive program
  • Global Resources Programs
    CRL Digital Program Manager Virginia Kerr previewed upcoming events and programs, including collections Webinars, forums, e-collection reviews, field guides, and profiles.

2:30 p.m. Leveraging Digital Repositories



Martha Brogan, chair of CRL’s Certification Advisory Panel, outlined the costs, benefits, and features of major digital repository efforts, including Portico and HathiTrust.



3:15 p.m. Sharing Print Collections



Lizanne Payne, CRL Print Archives Program Manager, offered an inside view of inter-consortium cooperation in shared print archiving in North America.



Follow-Up Material

Powerpoint Presentations and Audio

If you missed our Annual Meeting and would like to view the presentations, or attended the sessions but would like a refresher, we have uploaded video versions of the PowerPoint presentations for both the Morning Business Meeting and the Afternoon Collections Forum:

Business Meeting

President's Report - Bernie Reilly


Collections Forum

Growing CRL Shared Collections - Mary Wilke | High-Res

New Digital Resources - James Simon | High-Res

Global Resources Collections Forum - Virginia Kerr | High-Res

Leveraging Digital Repositories - Martha Brogan | High-Res

CRL Collaborative Print Archives Framework - Lizanne Payne | High-Res


Note: If you are having trouble viewing these files in Windows Media Player, please try downloading Apple's Quicktime player. If that is not an option, you may need to download the latest video codecs from Microsoft or upgrade to Windows Media Player 11. If you still can't see the presentations, you can try the codecs available at K-Lite. We will be posting these presentations on Youtube shortly.



Additional Global Resources Collections Forum Material

The Global Resources Collections Forum will expand the support for collection development and decision-making that CRL provides its member libraries. The Forum will consist of published analyses, enhanced by real-time collection-related Webinars,  forums, and podcasts.  Use the “Members Preview” link below to download a document containing examples of two types of Global Resources published analyses:

  • Reviews will provide critical analysis and information of digital collections and databases, some prior to release, and links to CRL profiles of major publishers, distributors, and repositories.
  • Field Guides will survey essential research resources and collecting challenges in various domains. These Guides will expand upon and ultimately supplant the guides to various research topics currently available on CRL’s Web site.

We welcome ideas from the CRL community on these prototypes and on any additional features that would be useful. For more information or to add your feedback, please contact Virginia Kerr.

Members Preview




If you were able to attend either of the business meeting or the forum, please take a moment to fill out these surveys:


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