WNA Participants

Advisory Committee

  • Adan Benavides, University of Texas
  • Sharon Farb, University of California–Los Angeles
  • Dan Hazen, Harvard University
  • Denise Hibay, New York Public Library
  • Glenda Pearson, University of Washington
  • Patrick Reakes, University of Florida
  • Mary Stuart, University of Illinois

Charter Participants

The WNA cooperative arrangement, like the efforts that produced Early English Books Online (EEBO) and Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), entails coinvestment by CRL, its members, and Readex.  To date, more than 45 CRL libraries have become charter participants in this endeavor, investing in production of the Latin American and Caribbean newspapers module.

Charter contributors will have a voice in setting priorities for future modules, and will pay only a nominal annual access fee for the collection.  The World Newspaper Archive will also be available to other CRL libraries, on terms more favorable than those accorded to non-CRL member libraries.

Charter Participants- African Newspapers

[as of March 2010]

Charter Participants- Latin American Newspapers

[as of March 2009]

Charter Participants- Latin American Newspapers, Series 2

[as of November 2011]

Charter Participants- South Asian Newspapers

[as of March 2010]