British Manuscripts Project

A joint project of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Library of Congress, the collection consists of reproductions of nearly five million pages of manuscripts and, in a few instances, rare printed materials found in some of the major public and private collections of England and Wales. American scholars in many fields of knowledge selected the works for their intrinsic importance to learned studies. The collection spans several centuries; it includes many types of works (letters, treaties, public records, grants, papal indulgences, speeches, stories, poems, pedigrees, deeds, tracts, court cases, treasurer's accounts, journals, petitions, homilies, and commentaries), and covers a wide range of subjects (politics, religion, philosophy, literature, science, history), in many languages (English, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Welsh, French, etc.). This collection contains many important collections from the British Museum as well as the Public Record Office. CRL holds limited reels of this collection, some of which are cataloged under separate headings. The following is a short checklist of items, with the listing of the depository, LC Reel number, and corresponding BMP item numbers (these are in numerical sequence and may not match the order of LC Reel numbers). Titles can be checked through the checklist or via the online version at the University of Michigan.

  • Bath, Marquises of. Library, Longleat., Coventry Papers LC Reels: Bath 1–65 BMP no.: 1–79 See also Coventry Papers
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Appendix LC Reels: BMab 349, 380 BMP No.: 687, 692–693
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Caligula LC Reels: BMab 174 B, 179, 455 BMP No.: 710, 712, 715, 720
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Galba LC Reels: BMab 282 BMP No.: 898–899
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Julius LC Reels: BMab 104, 189 BMP No.: 926, 933, 941, 964, 967
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Nero LC Reels: BMab 278, 380 BMP No.: A27, A64
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Titus LC Reels: BMab 104, 345, 346, 348, 349, 350, 373, 380 BMP No.: A143, A145, A147, A156–157, A160, A179, A201, A203–204
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Tiberius LC Reels: BMab 189 BMP No.: A107
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Vespasian LC Reels: BMab 278, 281, 307, 308, 309, 310, 312 BMP No.: A242, A245, A251–258, A309, A311, A313
  • British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts, Cotton Vitellius LC Reels: BMab 314 BMP No.: A351, A355
  • Cambridge University. Library LC Reels: Camb 231–232 BMP No.: B571–580
  • Cambridge University. Pembroke College LC Reels: Camb 162 BMP No.: C694, C698, C741,
  • Cambridge University. Trinity College LC Reels: Camb 386 BMP No.: C957–959, D95–97
  • Downshire, Marquesses of. Library. Trumbull mss. Papers of William Trumbull, the Elder LC Reels: Camb 203–205, 216–229 BMP No.: D103, D125–130, D153–186
  • (Miscellaneous Collections) Singer, Dorothea (Waley), Bibliography (#4701120) LC Reels: Misc 16–36 BMP No.: F214–216
  • Northumberland, Dukes of. Library (Alnwick Castle)., Manuscripts LC Reels: Aln 1, 2, 6, 7, 47, 54, 55 BMP no.: F233–238, F247–251, F315, F320–323, F333, F360, F402–404, F415, F449, F476-478
  • Northumberland, Dukes of. Library (Syon House) LC Reels: Aln 93, 104, 106, 107, 112 BMP no.: F500–504, F576–579, F606–612, F646–683, F850, F910, F912–916, F939, F941-949
  • Oxford University. Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. LC Reels: Oxf 30, 34 BMP No.: G457, G460, G468, G474, G476, G478, G488–489, G496, G500, G503–505
  • Oxford University. Bodleian Library, Bodley LC Reels: Oxf 30 BMP No.: G88
  • Oxford University. Bodleian Library, Tanner LC Reels: Oxf 99, 141, 144, See Also Tanner Manuscripts
  • Oxford University. Bodleian Library, Rawlinson LC Reels: Oxf 226–228, 231–240, 243–244, 246–252, 266 See also Rawlinson Manuscripts
  • Penshurst. De l'Isle and Dudley, Barons of. Library. Penshurst Muniments LC Reels: Camb 752, 773, 786 BMP No.: H748–754, H938–940, J386–387, 389–429
  • Great Britain. Public Record Office., War Office. Amherst Papers LC Reels: PRO 239–411 BMP No.: E425–678 See also Amherst Papers

GUIDE: British Manuscripts Project: A Checklist of Microfilms Prepared in England and Wales for the American Council of Learned Societies (1941–45).

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