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CRL's "Pivot" to Open Access
19 Sep 2016

At the 2016 meeting of CRL’s Council of Voting Members the question was posed, “Should more CRL digital resources be Open Access?” Attendees said yes. 

@Risk Forum Ideas: 1. Aligning Archiving and Digitization
5 Jul 2016

CRL’s 2016 @Risk Forum generated five "big ideas" that are shaping CRL's print preservation agenda. The first of those ideas, the inseparability of print preservation and electronic access, means that CRL must concentrate on three things.  

Combining, and Improving, Print Assets
9 Mar 2016

Collaboration between CRL and the Linda Hall Library to digitize historical serials represents a big step in CRL’s shared print efforts.

Shedding New Light on Print Archives and Repositories
1 Mar 2016

Our iterative approach to publicizing print archiving and sharing: merging data and "narrative".

Permanence Isn’t What it Used to Be.
28 Jan 2016

Electronic publishers go to great lengths to assure librarians that databases will persist. But the forms of assurance they offer are limited when it comes to the challenge of maintaining digital content over time.

What is @Risk?
26 Jan 2016

For the last two decades a “perfect storm” has been building in North American academic and research libraries. Libraries are making consequential decisions about the future of their print collections with little reliable data to guide them.  

@Risk: New Rigor in Stewardship and Due Diligence
18 Dec 2015

As print rapidly disappears from our libraries, it is time for data-driven, community-wide consensus on due diligence.

Beyond PAPR II: Next Steps for CRL
29 Oct 2015

Recent analysis of North American print archiving and digitization efforts suggests that library investment to date is doing little to promote long-term collection stewardship.

Appreciating Dan Hazen
11 Sep 2015

The research library world lost a great colleague and friend: Dan Hazen, Harvard University’s AUL for Collections.

Upping Our Game on Print Preservation: The PAPR II Summit
2 Jul 2015

A gathering of leaders of other U.S. and Canadian shared print efforts, convened by CRL, called for concerted North American effort on print archiving.   

CRL in a Nutshell 5: "Growing Digital"
17 Apr 2015

Adapting CRL's time-honored cooperative collection development mode to the digital world.

CRL in a Nutshell 4: "The Primacy of Sources"
2 Apr 2015

The immense legacy of documentation and evidence built by CRL libraries.

CRL in a Nutshell 3: "Bricks and Mortar"
20 Mar 2015

What CRL member investment in "bricks and mortar" means, in concrete terms. 

CRL in a Nutshell 2: "The Deciders"
11 Mar 2015

Who decides what CRL does and how?

CRL in a Nutshell 1: The Power of Negative Thinking
2 Mar 2015

How CRL's unique mission works for the library community.

Welcome to "Common Knowledge"
9 Feb 2015

"Common Knowledge," and the CRL community, are about shared resources and collective action.    

CRL's Leviathan agenda for digital government information
24 Jul 2014

A realistic action agenda for U.S. and Canadian research libraries, informed by the Leviathan discussions, will form the basis for CRL planning and priorities in the years ahead.

Report on "Leviathan"
6 Jun 2014

The Leviathan forum explored the new realities and complexities of government information in the age of Big Data. Speakers identified ways in which “e-government” threatens the long-term integrity and accessibility of government information, and suggested a new agenda for research libraries.

Governments and Research Libraries
6 Nov 2013

The ways in which governments are creating and managing internal records and publishing data present new preservation challenges. In its April 2014 Global Resources Collections Forum, CRL will examine the complexities and challenges of the new world of "born-digital" government records and information.

Teleconferences on Gale Cengage
31 May 2013

In 2013 Cengage Learning, the parent company of Gale, announced its filing for bankruptcy. CRL will host a teleconference with Frank Menchaca, senior vice president for Global Content at Cengage, to discuss the implications of the Chapter 11 filing for library customers of Gale.