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The Most Common Reasons for Demand Purchase Dissertation Delays

  1. The author has not left clear instructions on whether or not reproductions can be made of his or her work. The author must then be tracked down to gain permission for reproduction.
  2. The author or institution requires the borrower to sign a TDF (Thesis Declaration Form), also known as a CD (Copyright Declaration). By signing the TDF or CD, the reader agrees to recognize that copyright of the dissertation resides with either the author or the university to which the dissertation was submitted and that the reader will not quote or derive information from the work without prior written consent of the author or university.
    For example, CRL purchases many dissertation from Britain. Some dissertations require the completion of the British Library Document Supply Centre’s TDF by the requesting patron. A copy of the British Library’s TDF is available on the Web. Copies of Cambridge dissertations must be purchased from Cambridge. Cambridge University has its own CD form, which unfortunately is not available on the Web. If copies of the Cambridge form are needed, contact CRL’s Access Services Department at (773) 955-4545 ext. 313 or 314/(800) 621-6044 ext. 314; fax: (773) 955-9732. Other institutions and other countries can require different forms.
  3. The institution sells only microform copies and no master negative has yet been made for the requested work.
  4. The requested dissertation is not from the institution cited on the original request from the patron. While the institutions receiving our order will often identify the correct institution, they return the order to CRL. If the correct institution is identified, CRL will then resend the order to the correct institution.
  5. The need for prepayment can delay purchase in the following ways:
    • The institution that requires prepayment charges by the page and needs a price quote before an invoice is sent for payment.
    • The institution requiring prepayment does not accept payment in U.S. currency.

Other reasons for a delay in the delivery of a foreign doctoral dissertation include problems with mail delivery; occasionally an institution will also inform CRL’s Acquisitions Department that they are short staffed, which can cause the work will be delayed. If you have questions about dissertation turnaround times, please contact mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu (Mary Wilke).

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